‘DNA test showed a heartbreaking discovery about my son – and neither of us cheated’

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A couple were left ‘speechless’ at some news that was given to them by their doctor about their 15-year-old son, and they were left confused about whether to tell him the horrific truth

Some news you receive is so earth-shattering you’ll think about it for the rest of your life.

One woman was left heartbroken when her son was diagnosed with a disease you can only get “genetically” – but when she and her husband were tested to see who had the gene, they found out way more than they bargained for.

The couple were left “speechless” when they found out that their 15-year-old son had no matching DNA to either of them, and the doctor said he “had probably been switched at birth with another baby”. They were left with “so many questions”, and were also stuck on whether they should admit the truth to their son.

Taking to Reddit, the woman devastatingly admitted: “I discovered that my son wasn’t actually my son”. She wrote: “Before saying anything else I want to say that I still love him the same and it doesn’t change anything but it still did something to me.

“So he’s 15 now and just got diagnosed with a specific disease that you can only get genetically however, no one had this gene in our whole family. After conducting several tests our family GP received the results and asked me and my husband to come but without our son. I was so anxious. I thought he was gonna announce something really bad about his health.”

But rather than it being something “really bad” about her son’s health, instead the GP told them that their DNA didn’t match. She continued: “He actually told us that our DNA did not match his, that he wasn’t our son and that he had probably been switched at birth with another baby. I was speechless and I actually didn’t realise until this morning. I have so many questions now. Should we tell him? Where is our ‘other son’ and should we start looking for him?”

In the comments, people were left mortified at the woman’s revelation, with many urging her to take legal action. One wrote: “Sue the hospital and find your biological child. He and his family along with your son need to know this. Your family and there can sit and talk, see if you want to establish some kind of friendship or go your separate ways.

I’ll say it louder, RAISE ALL HELL WITH THE HOSPITAL!!!! Who knows how many times they’ve screwed something up?” Someone else penned: “What a terrible circumstance. Telling your son would be very terrible, but please do. Regardless of this, however, don’t forget to tell your son how much you and your husband adore him.” Another agreed: “I agree he deserves to know and also meet his biological parents if he wishes to.”

A Redditor said it was “so complicated”, wondering where the teens would stay, but another said: “The boys are fifteen years old and would stay where they’ve been with the people that have been their parents their entire lives. If this was about a week old babies then they would likely go back to their biological parents, but not with fifteen-year-old teenagers.”

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