Dream expert explains eye-opening meanings- from flying to being chased

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A dream expert has shared the meanings behind some of the most common dreams – from flying to being chased – and they could offer an important insight into how you’re feeling during your waking hours

If you’ve ever wondered what your dreams actually mean, then an expert on the topic may well be able to shed some light.

Although you may well have reassured yourself ‘it was only a dream’ after waking up in a cold sweat, there’s no doubt that what we see during our sleeping hours can offer important insights, even if the dream itself initially feels incomprehensible.

As unique as our own personal fears and anxieties can be, our shuteye adventures often fall into a number of very common categories, which may prove reassuring to those mortified by any ‘naked in public’ dreams.

With this in mind, sleep experts at BedKingdom have shared their wisdom on the meanings found in the land of nod, and why they may well be relevant in your waking life…


One of the most frightening dreams, such nightmares can feel like you’re actually plummeting to the ground with a thud – only to wake up in your nice, comfy bed, relieved and confused.

Experts told the Daily Star: “The interpretations for this type of dream centre around feelings of fear and vulnerability. Falling in your dreams can also indicate feelings of helplessness and being overwhelmed.

“It’s also possible that dreaming of falls can be seen as a warning from your subconscious to be careful. If a situation causes a loss of control, this can be translated as a fall when dreaming.”

Being chased

Another heart pounder of a dream – these visions can be very unsettling, and leave you waking feeling anything but rested.

The expert team explained: “Feelings of stress and anxiety are the major cause of being chased while dreaming. If someone is feeling threatened in their waking life, that can also translate into dreams of being chased.

“Sometimes, these dreams can result from feelings of anger and are seen as a warning to watch out for possible threats.”

Losing teeth

A particular horror for those who hate dentists, dreaming of your teeth falling out is very common indeed, and is linked to feelings of insecurity that plague so many of us.

The experts said: “Dreaming about teeth falling out can commonly be linked to feeling unattractive or having negative thoughts about your image.

“Struggles with communication can also be a reason for these dreams, as teeth falling out can make it difficult to talk. A lack of confidence can also trigger this type of dream.”

Being naked

There’s no need to be embarrassed by this one, which could well indicate you’re currently feeling a bit vulnerable.

According to the experts: “Commonly brought on by feelings of being exposed, dreams of being naked in public places like school or work can also be triggered by feeling accused by someone. However, sometimes dreams of being naked can indicate that a person is comfortable with who they are.”


Many would love the ability to soar far above the clouds, but flying dreams can be rather disquieting, and can have multiple intriguing meanings.

The team shared: “The ability to fly is associated with freedom. However, if you struggle or fail to fly in your dreams it can indicate a lack of confidence.

“If someone else is in the dream, struggling to fly can point to them holding you back and stopping you from moving on with your plans in life.”

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