EA FC 24 price is at an all-time low – up to 80% off on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

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Big savings are available to be made on EA FC 24, with the game at its lowest price since release

As we reach the halfway point of EA FC 24’s lifecycle, the first instalment of the EA Sports FC series has received a gigantic price slash, making it a great time to pick up the game.

If you haven’t already got it, now is a better time than ever before to start playing EA FC 24, with some fantastic content being released in-game as the price drops to the lowest we’ve ever seen it go. Fan-favourite Ultimate Team promos such as Future Stars and Fantasy FC have been released over the past few weeks, while the popular Ultimate Birthday promo is currently available.

Despite EA FC 24 being more expensive than any of EA Sports’ past FIFA titles at release, the game is already at its cheapest, with the EA FC 24 price dropping by 80%, just a few months on from the 70% off offer we saw at the beginning of 2024. The EA FC 24 price slash is available on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam, with offers available on both the standard and ultimate editions of the game.

EA FC 24 price drop – 80% off on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Players on PlayStation, Xbox and PC can now purchase EA FC 24 with a whopping 80% discount, making it by far the biggest price slash we’ve seen on the game since its release. This EA FC 24 standard edition discount is being offered on the Xbox, PlayStation and Steam, while there are also some great discounts offered at a variety of retailers.

Here’s a list of the available EA FC 24 deals right now:




80% off the standard edition of EA FC 24 is a fantastic offer, so make sure you act quickly on these slashed prices, because they won’t stay this low forever.

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