‘Earth’s favourite space politician’ Count Binface running for London mayor

By Staff

Count Binface has announced that he is standing for Mayor of London. The candidate has been appealing for the 10 signatures needed from each of the capital’s boroughs in order to stand.

The deadline for this is March 27. A deposit of £10,000 must be deposited with the Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO) by the deadline for the delivery of nominations by 4pm 24 working days before the poll on May 2.

The count has promised to bring down the price of croissants in the city, rename London Bridge after the actor and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, fix Hammersmith Bridge and help rough sleepers off the streets.

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He also said that he would fit former Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s ‘limousine’ with five ejector seats.

The satirical figure also stood during the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election last year after former prime minister Boris Johnson stood down as the constituency’s MP. He told MyLondon during the counting of votes that he will ‘keep fighting’ if he were defeated, but he is ‘also a lover, not really a fighter’.

The count said: “I’ll keep loving, I’ll keep fighting. On every planet, not just this one.” He also voiced opposition to the Labour and Conservative parties.

“Could you imagine if enough people would rather vote for an intergalactic space warrior than the Labour party, what it says about them?”, the count said.

He was also critical of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s five pledges, saying that he would ‘deliver on his promises’. An issue he was hoping to tackle was moving hand dryers in the gent’s toilets at local pub the Crown and Treaty to a ‘more sensible position’.

Other candidates

The are 10 other candidates for the London mayoral elections.

  • Shyam Batra, independent
  • Rob Blackie, Liberal Democrats
  • Natalie Campbell, independent
  • Howard Cox, Reform UK
  • Amy Gallagher, SDP
  • Zoe Garbett, Green Party
  • Tarun Ghulati, independent
  • Susan Hall, Conservative Party
  • Sadiq Khan, Labour Party
  • Andreas Michli, independent

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