Easter egg fans want a ‘time machine’ to experience nostalgic chocolate once more

By Staff

Easter is a time to indulge in lots of chocolate guilt-free, and many people are reminiscing on chocolate eggs from years gone by, saying these days, they’re way more ‘boring’

Today is Easter Sunday, and many who celebrate will be tucking into their tasty Easter eggs, wondering why they taste so much better than normal bars.

But some have been reminiscing about eggs from years gone by, wishing that they could see their nostalgic favourites on shelves again, with some even saying that Easter eggs just aren’t the same anymore.

With many taking to social media to fume that they’ve noticed some eggs and chocolate bars within the eggs are smaller this year, others are using the day to laugh and reflect that once upon a time, there was an ‘Eastenders’ egg for sale.

In the video, posted on Instagram by @knee_deep_in_the_90s, a montage of Easter eggs that were once sold in the UK was shown, and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and how “much better Easter eggs used to be”.

There were many retro favourites including a Creme Egg in very different packaging featuring a chick, a Yorkie egg in a truck cardboard outer, a Polo mint egg, Kinder and Cadbury’s eggs that were inside toys, eggs that came with mugs as an additional treat, the Eastenders egg, a Spice Girls Cadbury’s egg, and a Walnut Whip egg with a very extravagant bow.

In the comments of the video, one person wrote: “I want to go in a time machine to Woolworths right now”, and others agreed, with one penning: “I remember going in almost every year about two days before Easter and all they had left were Aero, Twirl and KitKat Easter eggs. We never learnt our lesson.”

“Eggs are so boring these days”, one fumed, with another sharing that they “still have that Smarties mug”. “Why are eggs so bloody boring now? I remember making things out of the boxes, like a little theatre for my toys”, an Instagram user reminisced.

Someone added: “I definitely had that Creme Egg one a couple of times”, which many people will be able to relate to, and another shared their opinion, writing: “Easter eggs used to be so much better when we were young. Can’t beat a mug and an egg.”

Do you wish you could try an Easter egg from the past again? Which would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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