Every word Scott Munn said on Daniel Levy and what he does in the mornings with Ange Postecoglou

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Tottenham Hotspur’s chief football officer Scott Munn has speaking about Ange Postecoglou, Daniel Levy, transfers and more out in Australia.

Spurs are set to play Newcastle United in a post-season friendly on May 22 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Munn has been out in the Australian city, where he worked for years at Melbourne Heart and then its later iteration of Melbourne City. Now at Tottenham, Munn took part in his first interview since officially starting work at the north London club in September last year.

Here’s every word he said to Australian media outlet Optus Sport, which can be found in video format right here.

How excited are you to bring Spurs out here in May to play Newcastle?

Yeah it’s super exciting. The home of Aussie football some would say but for any player of any sporting code to say we’re playing at the MCG is exciting. I know when I spoke to Ange about how it was for him to come back here and be a manager on the hallowed turf.

Where are you guys training, is South Melbourne on the cards?

At the moment we’ll probably train somewhere around here. I’m not sure it’ll be South Melbourne but we’ll be here for a pretty short time so we’ll certainly have some training sessions and something open to the public as well.

Ange spoke about connecting with fans globally, how important are trips like this for doing that?

Yeah, it’s vital. Australia is a key market for us and we’ve been here many times in the past, both in Melbourne and other parts of Australia as well. There’s two official supporters groups here in Melbourne so it’s fantastic to be able to have them come as part of our 11 official supporters groups in Australia. So to have them come and enjoy the experience is certainly something I’m looking forward to.

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It’s a homecoming for you as well?

Yeah, it is. I’ve been lucky enough to be here for a number of years, both living here and in terms of football. We had Manchester City came and played here as well so I’ve experienced my time here and this will be a great opportunity to come back, see some friends and let them see Spurs.

Tell us about your own career trajectory and how you ended up at Spurs?

I’m not one of those people who’s woken up and said ‘look here’s the journey I’m on’. I’ve been pretty lucky to have amazing people around me, supported now by our chairman Daniel Levy and all the team. So I was very fortunate early on to move through the codes, rugby league and the Olympics and AFL and finally the A-League here. It was a wonderful journey for me so it’s nice now to be in the pinnacle, in the Premier League, and I’m enjoying my time.

How crucial was that experience working in the A-League?

Everything you do in life it’s about learning and improving and being better. For me some of those early days were super difficult, the league was starting out then and was still in expansion, but I was also fortunate to be exposed to amazing footballers. We had people like Harry Kewell play for us during those times and John van ‘t Schip, who is now the manager of Ajax, was the manager of us at the time. For me it was a journey and an amazing experience to get involved in football in Australia.

You’re chief football officer at Tottenham, what does that mean exactly?

I look after everything that’s to do with football operations, so whether it’s the technical element through Johan Lange, who is our technical director, or women’s football or the academy led by Simon Davies, through to operations of the training centre. Then for us it’s about competing at every level. This year we’re continuing to change and improve and hopefully we’ll see ourselves finish as high as we possibly can.

Your appointment came at a turbulent time at the club with the women’s coach gone, the men’s coach gone, what were those first few months like?

I think the club today off the pitch, compared to where the club was 12 months ago, it’s vastly different, but I would say this is a huge club, it’s been around for over 100 years with an incredible history in north London. To be given the privilege to help drive that and work with the chairman and the rest of the board and make change has been fantastic, and we’re seeing that. The women’s team last weekend winning, beating Manchester City to go through to the FA Cup semi-final, which will be fantastic, but also the men’s team are doing incredibly well this year.

I think we’re playing a wonderful brand of football. It’s attractive, it’s back to the what the DNA of Spurs was about and we just need to continue to improve and challenge ourselves and we’ll have another window in the summer and I think we want to position ourselves as best we can for the start of the next Premier League season.

You’ve got great experience in developing women’s teams, is that your focus at Tottenham as well to make sure that both men’s and women’s teams are as successful as possible?

Of course. We all want success on the pitch and fundamentally that’s what we will be judged on, particularly when we work in football, but we’re on a journey and we can’t win straight away. We have to improve, we have to play better football and we made some unique changes at the end of last season. We brought in two new coaches and they’re doing amazing things in their own pathway.

We’ve seen that. The women’s team has certainly been through a transformation but it’s wonderful for me. I still get to see players…we played Arsenal a couple of weeks ago and I saw Steph (Carley). I still talk to people like Jess Fishlock, Kim Little, so players that we had here in the early days of Melbourne City. Now we’re getting to see them in the Women’s Super League every week so it’s a great journey and I think women’s football is certainly on the up.

What role did you have, if any, in bringing Ange to Tottenham?

I think what was most important when we searched for that new manager was to bring in someone who could return the club to its DNA, so there was a team of people that worked on bringing Ange in and I think everyone will continue to monitor his progress both here in Australia and here in England.

How have you found working with him?

It’s good. Look we’re Australian so we have the same jokes, we get to watch a bit of the A-League in the morning on Thursdays when we’re in the office, but he’s embraced everything that Spurs is about. He wants success and that is sustained success, so our alignment is completely in lockstep.

What about working with Daniel Levy, what’s that like?

Daniel is incredibly invested in the club, personally and professionally, and I don’t think one person has a greater single focus on success for the club than him and I feel absolutely privileged to work with him and the support he gives to me and the entire football team is unconditional. I just hope we’re able to repay the faith he’s put in us.

What do you think the biggest challenge is that lies ahead for Spurs next season?

Every window we have an opportunity to improve the team and change the team. We’ve had two now and I think we’ve brought in some players who have continued to improve the team. Another window gives us another opportunity to do that, and also just another pre-season together.

I think Ange came in just before last pre-season and the team had a disjointed start but they’ll get a good run at it this year and I think that’s a real opportunity for us to be ready for the start of next season. Clearly our focus now is this season and finishing as high as possible.

We’ve got a tough run-in but I think we can also help shape it and we’re in charge of our own destiny, which is most important for us.

How do you juggle thinking about this season but also looking ahead to next season?

I think one of the great things is that we’ve got an amazing team and we’ve got a technical team that are absolutely focused on this season and are unwavering and Ange and his team are doing wonderful things, but they’re also focused on finishing this season. Then we have our tours team and people who are already looking at next season, so it’s just keeping people focused on the roles they’ve got and making sure that we can be the best we possibly can be.

How tricky is it to navigate transfers in the Premier League compared to when you were back in the A-League?

Yeah, it’s vastly different. One of the wonderful things for us is that clearly Daniel has been around for a long time now, 20 years. I would probably say one of the most experienced global administrators in transfer windows and you see that. I’m able to see that first hand and then we’re supported by an amazing team, Rob Mackenzie our chief scout, Johan Lange, who is our technical director.

They’re incredibly well prepared, two guys who understand the DNA of the club, Rob previously worked with us before returning as chief scout. I think it’s just about preparing, making sure we’re all aligned and then executing our plan and we saw that in the last window. We went early, signed the players that we wanted early and we think they’ve fitted in well with the team and are performing on the pitch.

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