Fan shares bizarre Kate Middleton theory after ‘spotting her in Romford car park’

By Staff

A person has taken to TikTok to put all the Kate Middleton conspiracies to bed as she claimed to have ‘seen her in a Romford car park’. The story, which many find somewhat hard to believe, details their conversation while ‘Kate’ was paying for parking.

Lucia Keskin posted a video stating to have had an encounter with the Princess of Wales as rumours are circulating about her whereabouts after the photoshopped Mother’s Day image.

Kate made her last public appearance at Sandringham on Christmas Day and is expected to return to public duty following abdominal surgery after April 17. She was reportedly spotted at the weekend at a farm shop with her family, but this TikTok user also claims to have caught a glimpse of the royal everyone has been looking for.

Lucia said in her video: “What is going on with Kate Middleton,” before going on to detail her encounter, which may or may not be entirely accurate.

She said: “Funnily enough, I was walking through a carpark the other day in Romford and I turned to my left and who was there, paying and displaying but Kate Middleton.”

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The social media user went on to say that she tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was ok, to which ‘Kate’ responded in a Geordie accent, telling her ‘not to worry pet’. The elaborate tale continued as she reveals that the future Queen told her she is: “Currently doing me level three NVQ in plastering, tiling and eyebrow threading so I’d like to do it off radar.”

Lucia continued to joke that the Princess of Wales told her to make sure that people stop making a fuss and that she’ll be back soon. The video has nearly 300,000 views.

One TikToker said: “Are you sure it wasn’t Cheryl Cole? Sounds exactly like her.” Another added: “Me mams on the same course”.

Who knows, maybe Kate is broadening her skill set?

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