Flight attendant names worst passenger habits – including annoying seat issue

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A cabin crew member has revealed her top four frustrations when it comes to working onboard a passenger flight – and some of them might just surprise you

People often complain about plane travel – be it not enough legroom, unappetising food, or delays. But spare a thought for the flight attendants who have their own share of frustrations to deal with.

One employee has taken to the internet to reveal her four top frustrations when working onboard a flight – and there’s a good chance you are guilty of at least one of them.

Cierra Misst shared a video on YouTube shared with her 476k followers, detailing all the things that wind her up. Her first issue is to do with some passengers’ post-landing behaviour – clapping.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Cierra says. “There are some flights [that are so bad] I will clap too – those aren’t the flights I’m talking about.

“I’m talking about those flights that are smooth from takeoff to landing, and yet some people still think that they need to clap. You don’t.”

Similarly, you don’t need to stand up the second the wheels touch the tarmac. “I promise you’re not getting out of there any quicker, in fact, you’re gonna get out of there slower because you are now in the flight attendants’ way of disarming their doors,” she says.

Cierra also requested that passengers “stop bringing us gifts and gift cards” – something we didn’t even know was common practice.

“It used to be a nice sweet gesture, but lately, people have been so entitled that they think that that guarantees them a free upgrade or us being nicer,” Cierra shares.

“If you do want that type of upgrade, I suggest giving those gifts and gift cards to the gate agent because they’re the ones in charge of the upgrades, not the flight attendants.”

And finally, please don’t remove your shoes on a flight – and not just because no one wants to smell your feet. “Leave your shoes on during the flight. Our planes are dirty,” Cierra concludes.

In recent years, members of cabin crew have shared plenty of flight attendant secrets around what passengers should and shouldn’t do on flights. According to another airline worker, blowing your nose is firmly on the ‘do not do’ list.

Flight attendant Taryn, who posts on TikTok under @tarynonajourney , recently shared a divisive video in which she listed some of the main passenger habits that will always wind her up.

Filming herself as she walked through a seemingly empty cabin, she explained: “One, we don’t want to hear you blow your nose while we are in a close, tight environment. That is disrespectful to other people and I feel like you could go to the bathroom and blow your nose”. You can see the rest of Taryn’s pet hates here.

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