Flight attendant reveals there’s one plane seat they always avoid booking on holiday

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Flight attendants from airlines such as TUI, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and easyJet, recently partnered with luxury membership platform, Velloy, to give some travel tips

Hungry flight attendants have shared the seat on a plane they always avoid.

Flight attendants from airlines such as TUI, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and easyJet, recently partnered with Velloy to share their top travel tips and hacks. One of them includes a particular seat on a plane that is best avoided – if you like your lunches.

According to the crew: “As row 11 is most commonly the middle row on an aeroplane, nearly all attendants suggest avoiding booking seats on this row as you are guaranteed to be the last person off the plane. 11A and 11F specifically are no-gos, as they are most likely to be window-seated, meaning it will take longer for you to deboard once you arrive at your destination. Similarly, if you are heading on a short-haul flight, you’re likely to fall short on food by sitting in the middle of the plane too.”

In fact, choosing the right seat could bring you extra perks when it comes to the snacks and drinks trolley.

Tara, a short haul flight attendant for TUI, added: “If you are planning on getting any form of drink or snack from the bar on board a short-mid haul flight, then sitting towards the front or toward the back is 100% the way to go. If you sit in the middle, especially on your way home, we are much more likely to have sold out of whatever it is you want because we always start at the front and back and work towards the middle.”

It’s not the first time that an insider has warned that there are some seats you’ll want to avoid when booking a flight. Brenna Ryan, a partner at Victorian Plumbing, revealed that the plane toilet plays a crucial role in the best and worst spots.

She advised: “When choosing where to sit on a flight there are a few important factors to note. Think about how often you visit the toilet. If the answer is pretty frequently, take that into account when deciding which seat to book. The first thing to consider is which part of the plane to sit on, planes usually have a toilet both at the front and back, so look to sit there when possible and avoid the middle of the plane furthest from the toilets.

“Overall, the very best seat option on a plane for a comfortable and odourless trip with great toilet access is 4C. This seat is an aisle seat towards the front of the plane and isn’t too close to the front of the aircraft that you have people queuing for the toilet next to you. It’s also far enough away from any odours coming from the bathroom.”

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