Forget BT, Sky and Virgin Media – surprise rival offers you UK’s ‘fastest’ broadband

By Staff

If you want the fastest UK broadband speeds you need to switch to this lesser-known rival.

BT, Sky and Virgin Media might be some of the most popular broadband providers in the UK but it seems they might not be the fastest. That’s according to new a report from the team at Broadband Genie who have handed the gong of Fastest Broadband Provider 2024 to Brillband.

This lesser-known firm, which supplies homes with internet access in Scotland managed an average download speed of 523Mbps.

At that rapid rate, users can download blockbuster HD movies in around one minute – that’s almost 10 times quicker than a standard 60Mbps connection.

Broadband Genie says it analysed more than 400,000 speed tests to crown its winner with most other suppliers only managing to supply speeds at an average of around 175Mbps. Brillband is just one of many so-called alternative networks (Altnets) that are popping up all over the country. Many of these smaller firms are able to supply much faster speeds at lower prices than their bigger rivals so it’s always worth checking to see what providers are available in your street. For example, Brilland is current offering 900Mbps speeds for £35 per month which is a hugely competitive price.

“Congratulations to Brillband for an outstanding performance across the last year,” said Alex Tofts, broadband expert at Broadband Genie.

“If you’re lucky enough to receive Brillband’s full fibre broadband, it offers a future-proof service, capable of handling the most demanding of digital requirements. You also have the benefit of having an unlimited refer-a-friend scheme.”

Brillband isn’t the only winner in these latest awards. YouFibre won Best Altnet whilst another smaller provider, Trooli, won the Speed Satisfaction Award.

The Best Value for Money Award also went to yet another Altnet called toob.

Out of the big providers, Virgin Media picked up Fastest Widely Available Provider and Best Social Tariff – which offer cheaper prices for those on benefits – went to Vodafone.

These results certainly show that the smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are giving bigger firms a serious run for their money. They might not offer nationwide coverage but if they are in your street it’s worth checking out their deals.

“Overall, the results show a positive outlook for broadband customers across the UK,” added Tofts. “The most popular broadband providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, and BT are still having a hard time when it comes to signing up people to their full fibre products, which suggests that price could be a big obstacle.

“While Brillband and other challenger providers serve fewer customers, these smaller companies are more likely to be investing in the latest technology and signing customers up to the fastest speeds on the market.”

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