Full list of every extra Superloop stop requested for SL1 London bus route from Finchley to Walthamstow

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TfL’s Superloop of London buses now encircles the capital. The SL1 (, SL2, SL3, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9 and SL10 are now providing faster ‘express’ services to Outer Londoners.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said the bus routes will ‘transform’ how residents navigate the city. Bosses hope that emissions from private cars will be cut, as Superloop buses connect motorists to vital public transport hubs such as London Underground and National Rail stations.

Before each leg of the loop was confirmed, Transport for London (TfL) conducted public consultations with residents. During these, locals provided their thoughts as to where services should call.

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MyLondon has read through these papers so you do not have to, discovering which areas of the capital wanted services but did not get them. We’re starting with the SL1 – between North Finchley and Walthamstow Central.

TfL officials say that, due to the the aim of Superloop services being to ‘balance minimising journey times while maximising access’, some places are not able to be served by the speedier buses. This is where local routes step in, with bosses stating that 95 per cent of Londoners are living within 400 metres of a bus stop.

Locals’ suggestions

As regards the SL1, TfL documents state that locals wanted additional stops

  • At North Middlesex Hospital
  • At the Great Cambridge roundabout on A406 / along A406
  • At Meridian Water (once built)
  • Between Crooked Billet and Silver Street e.g. Hall Lane/Costco
  • In and around Chingford (e.g. Chingford Road, at Cook Ferry roundabout, Corktree, Eley Trading Estate, Chingford Mount, Highams Park, Chingford station)
  • In Walthamstow (e.g. near Dog Stadium, Blackhorse Road, Crooked Billet, Whipps Cross roundabout)
  • In Palmers Green (e.g. at Green Lanes, Station)
  • Between Arnos Grove and Palmers Green (e.g. at Warwick Road)
  • In Enfield and Barnet (e.g. Barnet Town Hall and Friern Barnet)
  • In Finchley (e.g. West Finchley, Woodside Park, Woodhouse college, stops from 221 route such as Bellevue Road)
  • In Edgware (e.g. to replace 221)
  • At Ravenside Trading Estate
  • Serving Latymer school
  • At other hospitals (e.g. Chase Farm, Memorial)
  • At Colney Hatch Lane (eastbound)
  • In Wood Green
  • In Walthamstow (e.g. between Crooked Billet Roundabout and Walthamstow Central)
  • At Brent Cross
  • In High Barnet and Barnet
  • In Edmonton Green (including Trinity Park)
  • At Southgate station
  • Around Whetstone (e.g. at Totteridge and Whetstone station, Oakleigh Road, Raleigh Drive)
  • At Beaconsfield Road
  • Through Whetstone (e.g. by the Griffin, High Road)
  • At new developments (e.g. around Brunswick Park Road)
  • At Hadley Highstone, Potters Bar Bus Garage or station (following 134, W7 or 84 routes)
  • At Woodford Green or extending the route to Leytonstone, or even further to Stratford
  • At Tottenham Hale, Redbridge Station, Abbey Wood, Barnet hospital, and Elstree and Borehamwood
  • In Wadham Road to serve areas ‘underserved by public transport’

There was also concern that the route ‘does not serve Haringey’. TfL responded: “The new express route SL1 will serve stops along the A406 corridor around 500-800 metres to the north of the Haringey borough boundary. This road is most suitable for express buses rather than the roads to the south within the borough.”

Route ‘will be monitored’

In addition, residents asked that the service included the ‘entire route of 34’. TfL said: “The new express route SL1 is designed to offer an alternative route on the busiest section of existing bus route 34 between Arnos Grove and Walthamstow.

“The route between Arnos Grove and Barnet Church will continue to be served by route 34, along with parallel existing bus routes 184, 234, 251,263 and 326 also serving these areas.”

Consultation documents added: “The new express route SL1 has been designed to terminate at the large town centres of North Finchley and Walthamstow. The route will be monitored when in service, though options to extend beyond to the south such as Leytonstone, Leyton and Stratford would need supporting bus priority and strong demand for an express route.”

Officials also said: “The new express route SL1 will provide efficient and direct services between key interchange locations, terminating at Walthamstow Central in the east. Wadham Road lies to the east of Crooked Billet roundabout and beyond the line of route of SL1; extending the route eastward would make the route indirect and not meet the aim of providing a direct route.”

You can view the full SL1 consultation and TfL’s responses here.

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