Genius 5p toilet roll hack will make your bathroom smell like a ‘luxury spa’

By Staff

Forget air fresheners and expensive plug-ins, to make your bathroom smell as fresh as a daisy all you need is a toilet roll and a little imagination

A property expert has revealed an ingenious 5p toilet roll hack for making your bathroom smell like a ‘luxury spa’.

This sneaky yet effective solution using essential oils is a real game-changer that’ll have you ditching the air fresheners and expensive plug-ins before you know it. Terry Fisher of says: “Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh is essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home.” As such, he recommends using oils such as lavender, lemon, eucalyptus or peppermint for their refreshing and uplifting scents.

“These oils not only mask bad smells but also leave a pleasant aroma lingering in the air, making your bathroom smell like a luxury spa at all times,” he said.

The method is remarkably straightforward: before putting the toilet roll onto the holder, apply a few drops of your chosen essential oil onto the cardboard tube.

“The oils will gradually release as the toilet paper is used, ensuring a continuous freshness in your bathroom,” he said. Terry says that not only is this home hack cost-effective, it’s also healthier and non-toxic compared to traditional air fresheners.

“A pack of four bottles of essential oils is currently priced at just £7.95 on Amazon,” he said. “Considering each toilet roll requires just five drops of essential oils to create a wonderfully scented bathroom, the cost per use amounts to around five pence a go.”

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He added: “Essential oils also offer a natural alternative that doesn’t introduce harmful chemicals into your home environment. Unlike conventional air fresheners filled with synthetic fragrances and chemicals, which can irritate sensitive individuals and contribute to indoor air pollution, essential oils offer a natural, sustainable and eco-friendly way to freshen up your living spaces.”

Terry points out that this hack is particularly beneficial for those looking to sell their homes. He said: “Potential buyers can be easily put off by dingy or unpleasant-smelling bathrooms. By keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, you’re creating a more inviting atmosphere that can help your home sell quicker.”

To find the perfect scent for your bathroom, Terry suggests experimenting with different oil combinations to see which suits best. “Mixing oils can create unique and personalised fragrances that fit your preferences,” he advised.

“The combination of lavender and lemon essential oils never fails to impress. This pairing offers a refreshing yet calming aroma that transforms your bathroom into a serene oasis.”

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