George, Charlotte and Louis’ nanny banned from saying common word in front of them

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The Prince and Princess of Wales’ three children are looked after by nanny Maria Borrallo who trained at the famous Norland College in Bath where she was taught never to utter a slang word in front of children in her care

Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte will never have been referred to in the same way most other children are.

Being born into Royal stock brings with it privileges and opportunities most other children will never have, as well as responsibilities of course. One of those benefits is usually the presence of a nanny to help with care, especially while parents are away on duties.

Prince William and Kate decided they would need help with their future brood back in 2014 when first born Prince George was just eight months old and they hired one of the best nannies in the world, naturally.

Maria Borrallo was the lucky woman they chose and she trained at the prestigious Norland College, in Bath which specialises in training for childcare, with their nannies being employed worldwide by celebrities and Royals. Prince William and Prince Harry were looked after by a Norland nanny among others, so it was an obvious choice for William and Kate.

Norland is known for its rigorous training and on top of learning skills like self-defence and defensive driving, they are taught never to say a certain word in front of the children they care for.

According to author Louise Heren who spent a year at the college researching a documentary, Maria will know to never refer to the Royal children as ‘kids’. Instead they must be addressed by their names or as children. Louise told the Mirror: “The word kid is banned. It’s a mark of respect for the children as individuals.”

Maria, who has lived with the Wales family and accompanied them on trips, will be very strict in her care but Kate and William are able to have their say in how the three children are raised.

The Norland website acknowledges this and states: “All Norland Nannies are taught to have a flexible approach to their practice meaning they work with you to bring up your children how you want to, in line with best practice standards.”

However Maria is known for her no-nonsense approach to childcare. Louise told the Sun : “There will be no messing. That’s because Maria will be aware that as they step off planes, holding mum’s hands, smiling and waving to the crowds, there can’t be any crying or terrible twos or tantrums.”

Bedtime is 7pm and there is a lot of outside all- weather play including bike rides, playing with the dogs and possibly some gardening. Louise said: “Norland are very into teaching children through play. If it is tipping down, they will still go out. Wet weather is just inappropriate clothing, you have to put the right stuff on.”

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