Google, Apple and Samsung phones drop to astonishingly low prices thanks to rare sale

By Staff

Apple’s iPhone 15 can now be bought for £100 less than usual, while Google’s flagship Pixel 8 Pro has a massive £194 cut off the price, but only if you checkout at one retailer

Spring sales are dropping thick and fast with huge tech go-to’s like Currys, Samsung and eBay offering a flurry of offers. And after scouring the morning offers it seems Amazon is the retailer to go for if you’re looking for a much cheaper phone, up to £150 off that is.

As a tech writer, I’ve seen my fair share of price drops, double-storage offers, and data bundles but Amazon’s current Spring Deal Days sale (yes, it’s a mouthful) is offering hundreds of pounds off Google, Apple, and Samsung models. To be precise, a huge £194 off Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, £100 off Apple’s flagship iPhone 15, and £118 off Samsung’s budget-friendly A35 5G.

So, let’s get into it. The top pick, in my opinion, is a no-brainer with Google’s biggest Pixel 8 Pro device up there with the biggest price drop. Originally £999 the superior Pixel model is now available to buy at Amazon for £804.99 and considering this is Google’s version of a Pro Max or Ultra it’s a deal we can’t avoid.

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The Pixel 8 Pro launched alongside the smaller Pixel 8 model in October 2023, just a few months after Apple’s eye-catching iPhone 15 launch. A range that’s built a reputable reputation for consistent user upgrades and AI features, anyone who buys either Pixel 8 device will get seven years of guaranteed updates – meaning it’ll be compatible with the newest software until 2029.

The heavily discounted Google Pixel 8 Pro is built with a snappy advanced Tensor chip and is home to the biggest upgrades seen to date on any Pixel camera. It’s here where you can experiment with AI editing features in its Audio Magic Eraser and Video Boost. If you want to split the cost of the model, then you’d have to ditch Amazon’s cheapest £804 price for an EE contract, where prices start from £20 on a 36-month contract (and that’s just for the phone, not data).

Now, moving on to the two other huge mobile phones discounted in Amazon’s Spring Deal Days sale, the iPhone 15 and Galaxy A34 5G. Of course, any chance to buy an iPhone for a fraction of the price is going to be a winner, and the Prime retailer’s £100 off sale doesn’t disappoint. You can buy the standard iPhone 15 model for £699 here.

Last on our list is Samsung’s budget A34 5G, a top option for anyone looking for a quality phone without paying a huge price for it (compared to the others we’ve listed above). At less than £200 this model does exactly what it says on the box, if making the most of swanky cameras, AI editing features, and software upgrades isn’t for you but simple calls, texts, and social scrolling are then this is for you.

Other tech deals that have caught our eye

Of course, it’s not only Amazon making headlines for its price drops, in fact we’ve got a handful of other retailers with offers running that’d be too good to miss. It’s always worth checking out too to make sure you’re ticking all your options. This contract deal may be an option if you’d prefer to split the cost of an iPhone 15 and not pay Amazon’s cheaper £699 price upfront.

Provider iD Mobile has launched iPhone 15 deal for less than £30 a month, or £29.99 to be exact, as long as you don’t mind a £70 upfront fee. At fellow provider giffgaff there’s £160 off the iPhone 15 contract, and £100 off iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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