‘Heartbroken’ opera musician has oboe stolen in bag next to his feet in Hackney pub

By Staff

A musician with the English Touring Opera has been left ‘devastated’ after having his instruments stolen from him at a pub in Hackney. Joe Harper, 33, had his oboe and cor anglais stolen on Saturday, February 25 from The Old Ship pub in Sylvester Path, a short walk from Hackney Central station.

He had just finished performing in a concert nearby when a bag containing the instruments was taken between 12.23am and 12.27am. Since the incident Joe has begun touring as part of the English Touring Opera, borrowing fellow musician’s instruments.

He told MyLondon: “I didn’t actually realise until we were leaving, at which point the floor opened up beneath me. Because, it is a new instrument as well.

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“I’d only had it six months. It heart breaking especially as it took me nine months to find that oboe.” Joe has grown up as a musician and started playing in primary school.

“Now, I feel a bit numb. We just opened our tour and started travelling. I was playing principal oboe and in the line check I sat there and was just like, I would really just love to be playing my instrument right now,” said Joe.

“I’m doing a four month tour with them and won’t have my own instruments.” Although he has been able to borrow some instruments to continue performing, this is only a temporary measure.

His bag with the oboe and cor anglais – also known as the English horn – was snatched from next to his feet when he was standing near the bar at the pub, having a quick drink with a colleague after work.

The model and serial numbers for the stolen instruments are Marigaux 901. Serial no – 43436 (oboe) and Loree CA. Serial no – GG09 (cor anglais).

Joe has posted on Facebook asking for any help. Police are helping Joe to try and locate the instruments. If you have seen the instruments pictured or witnessed anything you can contact the Met referring to the crime reference number 4605726/24.

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