‘Highly effective’ way to remove patio moss for just 35p using common household item

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Banish moss from your patio this spring with a ‘highly effective’ hack that makes use of a common household item – and it’ll only cost you 35p to kill the unwanted growth for good

Moss is an unsightly addition to patios, but you can get rid of it for good with one 35p item.

If you have a patio in your garden, the likelihood is you’ve had to deal with moss before. It often grows wherever there’s an opportunity for it to root, such as between paving slabs or on the surface of slabs where the soil has been blown, and it thrives in damp conditions – meaning it’s most common in the wet winter months.

As we come into spring and want to get our gardens looking presentable again, banishing the moss that’s built up over winter might be your first port of call. You don’t need to splash out on expensive products to get rid of it either, as one gardening expert has said there’s a common household item that will do the trick.

Rian Habergham, an expert from Leisure Bench, explained that using white vinegar is a “highly effective” solution to getting rid of moss on your patio, and claimed that it “works like shop-bought remover” for a fraction of the cost.

Speaking to The Express, Rian said that to effectively use white vinegar, you should mix the acidic substance with water before applying it directly to the moss and scrubbing it to ensure the moss and the affected paving are fully saturated. Then, leave the mixture to work its magic for at least 30 minutes.

If the moss hasn’t turned yellow by the time 30 minutes is up, leave it on for longer until it does. Very stubborn moss could take some time to turn yellow, but it will eventually if you’re patient. Once it’s yellow, wash down the area with warm water and scrub again to remove any debris. You should now have a clean patio!

The expert noted that children and pets should be kept away from the patio while the vinegar solution is getting to work, as it can be dangerous if ingested or if it comes into contact with the eyes. You can buy white vinegar for just 35p from Tesco, making the trick incredibly cheap to do.

Rian also suggested using baking soda – which is 65p from Tesco and Asda – to get rid of moss from paving, but this method should only ever be carried out on a “dry day”.

Start by combining some baking soda with a healthy splash of water to create a well-stirred mixture. Apply this mixture to the moss and paving and give it a scrub. Leave it for 20 minutes, or until the moss turns yellow, and give it another scrub before finishing the job off by washing down the patio with warm water.

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