How ‘game-changer’ iPhone hack speeds-up dreary household tasks

By Staff

Apple’s hidden gem of a feature allows users to visually look up information directly on their iPhones, simply by taking a photo. Here, an expert takes a deep-dive into how to make the most of this clever tool

One of Apple’s most overlooked tools has been hailed a real ‘game changer’ by a mobile phone expert – as it helps users with everyday household tasks at the click of a button.

Apple’s ‘Visual Look Up’ is a real hidden gem of a feature which allows users to look up information directly on their iPhones after taking a photo of whatever it is they need to know more about. The clever tool can help with many different tasks such as deciphering laundry symbols and providing gardening tips. Expert at Mobile Phones Direct, Dan Melia, shares some of the different ways you can use the feature to make mundane tasks that bit easier.

He says: “Apple is well known for its innovation and is always making small improvements to its software to make our daily lives easier, making the Visual Look Up tool a particular favourite of mine.

“For example, users can decipher laundry care instructions or car dashboard warnings simply by snapping a photo of the label or dashboard and clicking on the ‘i’ in the bottom right corner. From here, users can decipher the symbols thanks to Siri Knowledge and get more information on how to tackle the task at hand – whether it’s washing a new top or taking the car to the garage, iPhone users can cut to the chase with this handy hack.

“And Apple hasn’t stopped there, with Visual Look Up also allowing users to find out even more, such as revealing different breeds of animals, such as birds, dogs or even insects and different types of plants, simply by taking a photo and finding out more through the all important ‘i’ button.

“For gardeners, this is especially useful, as Siri Knowledge also lets you know how to care for different types of plants. Lastly, Visual Look Up also helps you identify different dishes and recipes. All you have to do is screenshot the photo and look for the sparkly ‘i’ to appear at the bottom of your image. Your iPhone will tell you what kind of food you’re looking at plus recipes you can follow to make the exact same thing.

“It’s important to keep in mind that this feature may not be available for all images. If the ‘i’ icon doesn’t have a sparkle around it, this means Visual Look Up is not available for that particular image,” he says.

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