‘I became multi-millionaire in less than 3 years – now I wish I could turn back time’

By Staff

From the outside, a multi-millionaire may seem like they’ve got it all, but behind the façade they’re constantly questioning the new lifestyle they’ve built for themselves

What would you do with millions of pounds?

For some, splashing out on luxury villas, cars and clothes may be the first port of call, while others may be tempted to travel the world, ticking things off the bucket list one-by-one. But now, one young adult has caused quite the stir online after claiming that being rich is much harder than people think.

While the tycoon stressed they were no ‘Jeff Bezos’, they claimed their net worth was just shy of a whopping $10million (£7.8million) after getting rich quick two-and-a-half years ago. They also confessed they were a ‘public figure’ and an ‘important authority’ within their niche industry – but the details were kept completely secret.

From the outside, it would therefore seem they had it all; travelling the world, eating at the finest restaurants, sampling the rarest scotches and even visiting royal palaces. Though, they just couldn’t help but complain, finding it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle they’d built.

“So why am I complaining? Well, I really shouldn’t be,” the mystery millionaire said anonymously on Reddit. “I am very grateful for the opportunities I was given and I hope I can remain true to my principle and use my modicum of power to make the world better.

“The thing is, it is really hard to adjust to this new reality. And since the traction is consistently on the rise, I can never really feel I’ve adjusted, because whatever I adjusted to was the reality of a few months ago, and by now things are completely different.”

The titan unveiled five core reasons behind their underlying dislike for wealth. A ‘new kind of imposter syndrome’ was among them, claiming they felt like a huge fraud, while doubting their own true intentions on a daily basis.

“I’ve carried the ‘I have no idea what I’m talking about and they are all going to find out any minute that I’m a huge fraud’ imposter syndrome for as long as I remember,” they confessed. “But now I keep struggling with ‘I act like I do the things that I do to better the world, but at this point I only do whatever it takes to leverage my own success’.”

The idea this success is slowly, unknowingly going to their head was also among their biggest fears. They are even concerned it’s happening already, as they’ve seen a sudden personality change within themselves.

“I used to be a very outspoken person who always speaks his mind no matter the cost,” they continued. “On principle, I refused to censor myself on matters I found important even if I had to pay a professional/social cost. I can’t do that anymore.

“Now things that I say reflect on the initiative I am involved with… For example, just a few weeks ago an uncareful tweet I made while in a bad mood, slamming a new initiative more than was warranted.

“As a result, 40% of their investors pulled out, costing them almost 10 million dollars (though they claimed this has nothing to do with my tweet). I freaked out and posted an apology and explained that my tweet was overtly harsh and out of line, and an hour later those same investors announced they will actually not be pulling out (again, arguing this has nothing to do with my tweet).

“It is terrifying to know that my statements can have such consequences.” And finally, they claimed these riches are having an unimaginable impact on how they interact with others. Not only do they struggle to trust people’s motives, but even their girlfriend is ‘triggered’ by the change in lifestyle.

They explained: “This constantly triggers my girlfriend’s inferiority complex…She also consistently says stuff like ‘You are such an interesting and successful person, why are you even with a mundane average person like me?’ The thing is, I love her dearly, and I find her fascinating.

“…Every time something exciting happens to me she’s the first person I want to tell, but I’m afraid this will make her feel bad. I used to be able to tell her everything, but now I feel that this increasing distance between our positions in life burden her, and it feels terrible.”

Although the mystery millionaire acknowledged they are struggling, they stressed that opening up was the most important thing. “So far, the only feedback I get from my environment is reassurance, they are telling me I am navigating this very well, that they are impressed with how I handle these situations, and that they trust that I would not lose myself and become an a****** because I’m ‘not that kind of person’.

“It is empowering to know my loved ones have this faith in me, but it is hard for me to muster this faith in myself.”

Unsurprisingly, the admission soon racked up plenty of comments, with many users keen to reassure the anonymous figure. “Success is hard to handle, because so many people want a part of you,” one person said. “And they love celebrities. Keep doing what you do, but limit being sucked into the wealth of others offering more and more.”

Another added: “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Hamlet.”

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