‘I complained to neighbours over awful piano noise – their reply left me in tears’

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A woman was so frustrated with her neighbours constantly playing their piano loudly in the morning she decided to write a ‘polite’ letter of complaint – but was stunned at the surprising response

A woman had to choke back her tears after a surprise note from the kids next door fell through her letter box.

As difficult as neighbourly conforntation can be, sometimes the best way to nip things in the bud is to tackle it head on. This should save any awkwardness in the long run, and solve problems without any resentment.

Martina Panchetti was so fed up hearing the piano being played loudly each morning by her neighbours, that she decided to gently bring it up, in a bid to catch more sleep. But nothing could have prepared her for their response.

She took to TikTok to share the saga and said: “We sent a letter to our neighbours politely asking to make less noise (they’re a family with kids) and possibly avoid playing the piano too early in the morning,” and added: “This is how they replied…”

She showed the note, which came in a yellow envelope and reads: “To neighbours” in what looked like a child’s handwriting, finished with a sticker of a cartoon globe. Martina then pretended to cry as she shared what the note said.

The sweet letter from the children next door read: “Dear neighbours, thank you for your kind message. We realise that sometimes we can be noisy and naughty. We started learning piano and our teachers tell us to practise every day but we sincerely apologise for not considering the times of the day and the weekends.

“To be honest mummy has been telling us not to play in the mornings and she also wants to get some sleep on the weekends. We promise YOU and we promise our mummy to try to be more considerate. Please accept our national Azeri sweets as a token of apology! Ps not nut free!” They then signed it off with: “Your loud neighbours.”

It’s clear Martina felt guilty for complaining about the noise as she said: “They also sent their national sweets. We’re in tears.” She then admitted she felt so bad about it she wanted to send them a gift back and added: “On our way to cook some Italian sweets for them.”

People loved the heartwaming response from the children, as many praised their parents for the action taken. One TikToker wrote: “Now THIS is parenting,” while another added: “This would make me wanna put together a sorry basket for them”.

“I feel like I would have immediately written a letter back saying sorry, forget I said anything,” a third penned.

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