‘I didn’t attend my sister’s graduation – what she demanded after was unbelievable’

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A man was left baffled when his sister made a demand of him when he unfortunately couldn’t attend her graduation – and others were left confused at why she felt entitled

Graduation day is a huge deal as it marks all the hard work you’ve put in to the course you’ve undertaken – and if a family member didn’t attend, it would likely feel personal.

One man shared that he didn’t go to his sister’s graduation because he hadn’t booked the time off two weeks before and didn’t want to phone in sick like his family tried to encourage him to do. But it was his sister’s demand after she graduated that really left him baffled and wondering whether he was really in the wrong. His sister even branded him as “selfish” for his refusal to do as she asked.

Taking to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum, he was left asking people whether he was in the wrong for not paying his sister what he earned in the day he worked, rather than attending her graduation.

He penned: “I (20m) have a job at a local store in my state and work there to make money for school. My sister (23F) had a graduation coming up and I attempted to schedule off, but wasn’t able to as it was past the two week requirement.

“My family told me to just call out by saying I’m sick, but I almost got in trouble with that in a previous job and I didn’t want to risk it. My sister herself though, never told me that she wanted me to do that. So I didn’t call out and didn’t get to attend unfortunately.

“When I came home from my shift, she told me that she expects me to give her all of the money I’d made from that days shift. I refused, and she started becoming upset at me and told me that I didn’t come to her graduation, so I owed it to her.

“I reminded her she never told me she wanted me to call out and then offered half the pay from that day. She still refused and told me I’m selfish. My family is split in this. Am I the a**hole?”

In the comments, people insisted that he wasn’t in the wrong. One said: “She doesn’t get to demand your money. It would have been best if you had requested off early enough but that ship has sailed.”

Another commented: “Sure it is a shame he couldn’t make the graduation, but being a responsible adult means that sometimes you miss out on things. Giving sister money is some twisted logic.”

Someone else shared: “You worked. You earned the money. You didn’t owe her the day, and you don’t owe her the money.” Another Redditor said: “Don’t give her the money. Her asking for it is insane.”

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