‘I found my wife’s hidden Google account – and now our love feels like a lie’

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A husband innocently used his wife’s tablet after his laptop’s battery broke and was horrified to discover a secret album full of ‘disturbing’ images that made him sick

A husband’s otherwise perfect marriage came crashing down on him after he discovered his wife’s ‘disturbing’ secret involving his ex-partner. The lovestruck man thought he’d found his soulmate following years of being in an abusive relationship with another woman.

The 36-year-old wrote on Reddit: “I met my wife ‘Bailey’, 33, nine years ago through mutual coworkers and we hit it off immediately. I fell absolutely head over heels with this woman, she was everything I was looking for. I had gotten out of a toxic, dare I say abusive, long-term relationship right before that with a woman. Bailey had been acquainted with, but not friends with.”

He had made sure to block all contact with his ex-partner, including social media, and had no contact with her since they broke up. Bailey eventually became his wife after the pandemic and the pair bought a house together and had a baby.

The post continued: “That was difficult because Bailey has polycystic ovary syndrome, but last year she finally gave birth to our first daughter. I’m having a blast being a dad, it’s kind of a dream come true. I finally got my happy life with my perfect wife.”

This was until last week. He explained: “My laptop’s battery s**t the bed, so I opened up Bailey’s work tablet to check on some tax stuff. She wasn’t home, it was just me and the baby, but we’ve never asked permission to use each others devices, we’ve always been open like that.

“There’s nothing for us to hide. That’s what I thought. When I opened up the internet I noticed she had the ‘incognito’ tab open. Never in a million years did I expect to discover what I did. My wife has a secret Google account with a photo album saved called “XX.” So I clicked on it. Did I discover an affair? Nudes? Nope.”

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Instead, what he found was a Google album containing 348 photos of his ex-partner, or “the woman who tormented me and made me feel worthless.” The album dated back to the time when he first began dating Bailey and included photos that ranged from candid family shot to pictures at her work functions.

He added: “There were even pictures from her yearbook, I don’t know how Bailey could have found her high school year book photos? Photos from vacations, ID photos from work, pictures of her in crowds, screenshots of videos, and screen recordings of videos. Just her. The other people in the photos would be scribbled out, or the photo would be cropped and zoomed in just on my ex.”

He even found ‘disturbing’ photos that were zoomed in on his ex-partner’s hair, adding: “Come to think of it, Bailey had recently started wearing her hair different and my ex had a very identifiable hair type. Other photos included screenshots of social media comments as well as Facebook groups she’s in and public posts she’d made.

He said: “My ex is very lowkey on social media. I can’t imagine the lengths Bailey went to find them? My ex literally lives in another country now. There were also different links to the exact outfits she was wearing.”

The distraught husband felt betrayed by the discovery and claimed Bailey has effectively been ‘single white femaling’ his ex-partner for the past decade and ‘turned herself’ into her. He finished: “Everything feels like a lie. Our love feels like a lie. The things we share feel like a lie.

“I threw up and had a panic attack. I looked at our daughter and felt betrayed. I haven’t confronted her yet. I don’t know if I want to. I want to run away with our daughter. I want to print out all her pictures, leave them on the table, and disappear.”

Many Reddit users were concerned over his wife’s seemingly stalker-type behavior. One wrote: “Holy cow. That definitely is alarming. The best thing to do is address it now to see what’ll change if she no longer has someone to replicate.” Another added: “Someone please get this woman into therapy.”

However, not everyone was convinced about the post and likened it to fictional horror stories spread around the internet with the intention of scaring people. One user wrote : “I’m so sorry. This sounds like something out of CreepyPasta!” while another replied: “That’s because it pretty much is. How would this guy even know his ex moved to a different country if he hadn’t seen hide nor hair of her in all these years?”

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