‘I have a cheeky self portrait on my Instagram – my boyfriend wants me to take it down’

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A 30-year-old woman has polarised the internet after posting a nude self portrait on social media – even though her boyfriend says it makes him very uncomfortable

Experts often say it’s healthy to set boundaries in a relationship – but when do these cross a line? One 30-year-old has certainly polarised the internet after posting a nude self portrait on her Instagram – despite her boyfriend’s disapproval.

Before delving into her partner’s concerns, the unnamed woman claimed that it wasn’t a naked photo, but a simple line sketch she drew while practising her art techniques. While admitting the drawing wasn’t ‘amazing’, she felt that posting art on her social media in this way were merely a form of self-expression.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: “The painting is a nude self portrait done in one colour outline with some basic shade and shadow. I posted a couple cropped views, one of my face and shoulders, the other with a leg and a breast.”

Although the painter thought nothing of this, she claimed that her partner brought the picture up in many disagreements, claiming it made him feel uncomfortable. This was mainly because he didn’t want other men looking at it, but she insisted they weren’t.

“My profile is private. And, porn is free and much more realistic,” she explained. “I gently refuse to take it down each time he asks because it feels like I have to dim my creative self-expression. After all… it’s a line sketch, not a photo.

“Am I the ***hole for not taking it down? Most recently he’s expressed relationship commitment issues relating to it.”

The 30-year-old’s post was met with countless comments on Reddit, with many on the fence regarding the boyfriend’s concerns and the artist’s desire to showcase her creativity. “This is just an incompatibility between you two. He has a different view on nudity, and it’s quite clear you guys are not going to agree,” one person wrote.

“I would suggest parting ways. There’s nothing wrong with the way either of you feel, but he’s expressed that he is uncomfortable.”

Another bluntly added: “Never get this mentality. I mean I wouldn’t want my husband to walk around naked because it’s generally frowned upon in society and as such, embarrassing.

“But why would I care if another woman sees his d***? For example in the sauna. I genuinely don’t get what the big deal is. At best, her interest in it will give my husband a compliment.”

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