‘I left neighbour a sweet note but now I’m worried it’s creepy – I feel awkward’

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A woman was worried a message she wrote to new neighbours who had just had twins could be seen as ‘creepy’ and its unusual contents certainly took others by surprise

A woman was left fretting that her note to her neighbours came across ‘creepy – but others think it’s really sweet.

Disputes between neighbours are all too common these days as rows break out over anything from parking issues, to noise pollution and overgrown gardens. Living in close proximity to people you have fallen out with can be a nightmare and make everyday life difficult.

One resident who had experienced problems with her bins overflowing when she cared for her three nephews decided she wanted to take the issue in hand with her neighbours who had just welcomed twins to their family.

Realising they too may also find they have too much rubbish to fit inside their bin, she wrote them a note but was worried it might freak them out so before she gave it to them, she asked others on a local Facebook group in their native Australia if they thought it was ‘creepy’.

According to Kidspot.com she shared the letter with the group and it read: “Hey neighbours, I’m in [redacted] next door. Just wanted to be kind and help a little. If you guys don’t want to overload your bins, you are more than welcome to chuck some bags in my bins. They are very disgusting, but I’d be more than happy to share them – lol. Hope it helps. Sorry to be so random. :)”

She went on to explain in the post captioned, ‘Would you be creeped if your neighbour put a note like this in your letter box?’ that the couple were very quiet but she wanted to take some stress off them because when she was struggling with her family’s rubbish, she was too “ashamed” to ask her neighbour if she could put a bag in their bin.

The response she received was overwhelmingly positive with others thinking it was a heartfelt gesture. One wrote: “I think it’s lovely! Nothing worse than having too much rubbish and the birds getting into it!” A second said: “As a mumma who has had two sets of twins, this is super helpful.” And a third echoed: “We have four kids, two still in nappies, and this would be so helpful to us” My husband has had to do a few runs down the street to put rubbish in someone else’s bins.”

Others also confessed they also covertly dump theirs in other people’s bins “People ask? I just put it in,” one revealed. “Girl, same, but I feel like a criminal and run back home in shame,” admitted another, as another agreed: “I always thought this was illegal, so I wait till after 11 pm to do it!”

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