I reviewed the Thinkware F70 Pro and found it a diminutive dash cam with stealth on its side

By Staff

Gareth Butterfield tests one of the latest dash camera launches from Thinkware, the Thinkware F70 Pro and while it may be small it’s simple and subtle

I’ve always said the best dash cams are the small and simple dash cams. And the new F70 Pro by Thinkware is small and simple. It’s one of the smallest dash cams I’ve tested.

But while it’s simple, as in simple to use, it does pack in some very advanced features. It has trick parking modes with time-lapse, for example, it also has the option of being powered through your car’s OBD port. It even has speed camera alerts. However, there is a catch to that, which I’ll come back to.

In terms of specification, it packs in most features you’d like to see at its £120 price point. There’s 1080p Hull HD footage, a 140-degree field of view, and a 2.1mp CMOS sensor offering 30fps resolution.

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Thinkware is also championing the device’s energy-saving attributes, which is important when you’re parked up because its impact detection and continuous recording will rely on your car having a strong battery. But it’s a handy feature and it certainly works well.

Small and simple dash cams like this offer very little in the way of usability on the face of it, but the controls and customisation are all found in the partner app. And it’s a good app. It links up through Bluetooth or WiFi and footage is easy to access from either in the car or remotely.

Storing your footage is done either through the app or natively in the device, which supports MicroSD cars up to 128gb. Thinkware also bundles in anti-file corruption technology, which I’ve not had cause to put to use, but it’s a nice safety net.

Using such an innocuous dash cam is always a straightforward affair. It sets itself running when you start your car and can start recording automatically, or you can press a little button on the side.

Footage plays back well, there’s plenty of brightness, even in low light, but the resolution isn’t as crisp as some dash cams, with 2K or even 4K now becoming the norm. This is one of the few shortcomings of the F70 Pro. At this price, a slightly more powerful sensor would have been nice to see, but the compact size and ease of use make up for it.

It would have also been nice to see a GPS antenna bundled in. You need to use an accessory and disappointingly, it isn’t included in the entry price. It’ll cost you an extra £20 if you want one. And it’s worth having because it’ll unlock a few features, such as the speed camera detection.

You also can’t connect to your OBD2 port without a £29.99 adaptor, which is a shame, although most people will doubtless be happy to use the supplied 12v power cable. While there are alternatives that cost around the same money and pack in GPS and an OBD connector, the F70 Pro majors on its ease of use, build quality and diminutive size.

They’re the big plus points here, and who doesn’t love a stealth dash cam? It might have a few shortcomings, but it’s one of the smallest dash cams in the Thinkware lineup, and while it might not be the best, it’s worth a look if you like to keep things simple and subtle.

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