I set up this Amazon window bird feeder and it attracted nature to my flat

By Staff

This £8.99 bird feeder easily mounts on your window letting you enjoy a front-row seat to nature if you don’t have a garden or outside space

Watching birds flit outside your window is lovely, especially when the weather starts to brighten and the days become longer. It’s said that bird watching can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, helping us to feel more relaxed and mindful.

However, attracting nature into our lives can be a little tricky if you don’t have much or any outside space. There are lots of ways that you can encourage birds into your garden here, but if like me you live in a flat with no green area, I found using a window bird feeder to be the perfect solution.

Bird feeders are a win-win for both us and our feathered friends, with the feeders filled to the brim with tasty nuts and seeds for them to eat while we get to watch them come and go. I set up this £8.99 Bird Feeder from Amazon on my window using the suction cups provided and it gave me a front-row seat to nature every time I glanced by the window.

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The bird feeder is really easy to secure to the window as it comes with three large suction cups. You then fill the tray below with whatever delicious morsels you can find (the birds near me seem to love crumbs left over from a loaf of bread) and wait for them to find it.

At first, I struggled to encourage birds to the feeder so I headed outside to find foliage to decorate the bird feeder with that meant it was a little more hidden. After popping in some moss, sticks, and ivy, it wasn’t long before birds visited the feeder daily.

The feeder hasn’t budged since I first put it up weeks ago proving it’s durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather including strong winds and rain. It’s ideal for attracting smaller bird varieties such as finches, chickadees, titmice, sparrows and goldfinches, and as it has a roof, the food stored won’t get wet during bad weather.

Crafted from clear acrylic, you have a 360 degree view of all the birds using the feeder and I even set up a camera to catch them in the act so I didn’t miss anything. While my attempt was a DIY job using a GoPro, you can get smart bird feeders that will capture images of the birds that arrive and pipe them directly to your smartphone – this one is £24.89 from Amazon.

Other users of the window bird feeder have shared similar experiences as me, leaving glowing reviews. One person said: “A really gorgeous bird feeder, which allows you to really see the birds up close.”

Another customer described it as mesmerising, writing: “The bird feeder is constantly visited by an array of birds who seem to love it.”

A third person added: “I was dubious about buying one of these because I thought it would fall off the window but it doesn’t, super suction, would recommend.”

Like me, some users did say it took a while for the birds to start using it with one person penning: “Took about a week for the little fellas to get used to it, but now they’re happy to munch away”, so it will require some patience.

You can also shop for window bird feeders at the RSPB website – this one is £12.99 and comes with a free cleaning brush worth £3.

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