‘I slept with a much younger colleague – my boring husband just can’t compete’

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A woman has been left feeling ‘sad and empty’ because her husband can’t give her the same feeling as she had after having a one-night stand with a much younger colleague, but she’s been urged be be careful not to throw away a good thing

Cheating in a relationship is usually a sign of a much bigger issue, and one woman has really started questioning her marriage after having a one-night stand with a much younger colleague.

Despite it being a one-night thing, the woman has been left heartbroken by the thought of never seeing him again. The woman, who is her mid-50s, explained she had slept with a much younger colleague at his leaving drinks and ended up having the “best time she’s had in years”. She was then left questioning “how old and boring” her husband, who is in his 60s, had become.

Now she has been left feeling “sad and empty”, and wondering if she should leave her husband of 30 years. The anonymous woman asked Metro’s sex columnist and counsellor Laura Collins, for relationship advice.

Looking for advice, the woman explained that she works in the canteen of a large finance company, and that recently she had been “surprised” by how sad she felt after finding one of the younger men who worked for the company was leaving.

After going to the pub for his leaving drinks, she felt “surprised and confused at how much attention” he was paying her. She continued: “I couldn’t help flirting. I know I look good for my age and although it sounds silly, I really felt 20 again. The other girls were egging me on, and despite knowing I’ve been married for nearly thirty years, they all wanted me to ‘go for it’.”

She ended up at his flat, where they had a one-night stand, and she left early the next day. Now the woman has been left devastated by the thought of never seeing him again.

Responding to the woman’s conundrum, Laura urged her to “be careful” about risking things that are good in favour of a one-night stand. She added: “Maybe what’s breaking your heart is that you had a fantastic night of passion and can’t bear to think that will never happen again. Perhaps your married sex life has become dull, but that’s as much your responsibility as your husband’s.”

She also urged her not to brush her need for “good sex” under the carpet, insinuating she might have had an affair because she “can’t get what she wants at home”. Laura recommending trying to rekindle the flame she “clearly” once had with her husband, because having “wild and adventurous sex might be something he longs for too”.

She added: “Remember this toyboy was just an exciting adventure, and not seeing him again will help you put this fling in the past. Let the dust settle before you make any major decisions; thirty years of shared life is a lot to throw away.”

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