‘I tricked my wife into losing weight so I could have more frequent sex’

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A man has shared how he managed to get his wife to lose weight without her noticing – saying he did it all to encourage her to have sex with him more often

A man has sparked a debate after revealing how he ‘tricked’ his wife into losing weight so he could have more frequent sex. He explained how his wife’s libido is “tied to her weight” – and it dropped significantly when she started gaining pounds.

Wanting his sex life back, he came up with a plan to get her to drop the ‘extra weight’ without noticing what he was up to. He said on Reddit: “My wife and I used to have sex frequently, but over time her libido just died. Coincidentally, it happened as she gained some weight. I didn’t really care about the weight gain, she still looked cute while a bit chubby.

“That being said, I wanted to have sex more. I’d heard that libido is partially tied to one’s physical and mental health.” He started small – giving her diet drinks rather than their full-fat alternatives and then suggesting date nights that involved a lot of walking.

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“Slowly, these things managed to add up and she dropped notable weight. From there I complimented her more and more (which I always did anyway, just more than usual), and it seemed to inspire her to lose weight on her own merit. Eventually, I started to see not just her libido returning, but her drive to go back to college and whatnot (which I’ve been encouraging).”

But wanting to know whether he’s in the wrong for making her lose weight this way, he added: ” I may be an asshole for tricking her for such a reason, but whatever. I’m just glad things are not just back to normal but even better than prior. Her physical and mental health hasn’t been this good in ages.

“And yes, I got what I initially craved.” Commenting on his post, one user said: “No way she didn’t notice the taste difference between a regular and diet soda. Maybe she tricked you into planning more dates and complimenting her more.”

Another user added: “Maybe her libido came back because you took her on dates and complimented her more?” A third user said: “It’s not tricking its caring, it’s just you cared for her to gain sex. It’s kind of depressing how you feel like cheated a code or something but really she just needed to be loved on more and felt encouraged and valued by you.”

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