‘I was mum-shamed for taking my baby and husband on a hen do – but I don’t care’

By Staff

A mum has faced backlash after refusing to leave her tot at home during her friend’s hen do in Spain. However, Elizabeth Kenina says she had a fabulous time and doesn’t regret a thing

A mum has bit back at haters after rocking up to her friend’s hen do with her newborn daughter.

When we think of hen dos, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably phallic-shaped straws, shots, nightclubs, and lots of dancing. It goes without saying these activities are hugely inappropriate for our little ones.

However, Elizabeth Kenina couldn’t face leaving her daughter Michelle, who was only eight months at the time, and so came up with a genius solution. Instead of flying solo to Spain for the weekend, she jetted off with her husband, Alex, and daughter, Michelle.

Elizabeth says she was still able to join in with all the activities including fancy dinners, beach clubs, and wine tasting, but was also able to nip back to breastfeed her daughter. Bride Laura was ‘happy to accommodate’ and even invited the little one and husband to the final dinner.

“I didn’t feel I could leave her; I was breastfeeding. It wasn’t the case of baby crashing,” the 30-year-old said. “My husband stayed with the baby. I got to enjoy times with the girls. I wouldn’t do it differently. I wanted to enjoy it as a mum.”

Of course, Elizabeth asked whether she could invite her family beforehand, and the Bride was ‘really nice’ about the situation. “She really wanted me to be there,” she added.

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Whilst many social media users supported Elizabeth’s decision – swathes of trolls slammed her. “Sounds like hell,” snubbed one person. Another added: “No you either say look I’m not ready or you go and let your hair down.”

But Elizabeth has bit back – arguing she had been put in a ‘no win’ situation. “If I didn’t attend the hen, I’d be considered a bad friend,” she explained. “Yet going with a baby still seems to result in being labelled as ‘bad’. I 100 per cent rely on my husband. He’s amazing. I felt less stressed. I knew what was happening. I knew he’d be fantastic if I left him alone but I couldn’t leave her.”

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