‘I was uninvited from a wedding after spending thousands – one photo sealed my fate’

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A hen night quickly descended into chaos after a woman was booted out of her hotel and uninvited from her best friend’s wedding all because she broke a rule she didn’t know existed

A woman has been booted out of her hotel after an innocent hen do photo backfired – and now she’s blacklisted from the wedding.

Amy Dickinson won’t be witnessing her friend say ‘I do’ at the alter anymore after she was accused of breaking an unspoken rule on the hen night. And no, she didn’t snap the bride getting frisky with the stripper or anything like that.

The 30-year-old, from Australia, says she shelled out an eye-watering £1,300 (AUD 2,500) on flights, accommodation and lavish outfits for the party – but all that money may as well have been poured down the drain.

“I really don’t know why I was uninvited,” Amy said, after confessing all she did was share a photo of the party online of her and a friend at dinner – which other guests did too. “Perhaps she was just looking for a reason to uninvited me and I’ve never spoken to her since this happened.”

Amy’s best guess is that she shared the picture of the bridal party on Instagram before the bride had a chance to. After posting an innocent picture on Instagram, the bridal party soon turned on Amy, and the mother of the bride said she should have known about the rule, despite not being told. After a heated argument broke out, the woman was allegedly booted out of her hotel room and feared she wouldn’t be able to get her return flight tickets to get back home.

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Shortly after, she was officially uninvited from the hen night but is actually relieved. In fact, she says the thought of spending any more time with the bride would be a ‘nightmare’. So, Amy went on a blocking spree and hasn’t spoken to any of the women involved since.

“Overall it was an awful experience that left me traumatised,” she recalls. “I never want to experience anything like that again. The behaviour I witnessed was truly disgusting. “We were virtually best friends as we’d been friends for several years. I was happy to be uninvited because, after the events that transpired, there is no way I would have attended anyway.”

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