‘I’m 39 and will never have sex again – celibacy makes me look 10 years younger’

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Rachel Witing has ‘never been happier’ since making the choice to become celibate – she claims ditching the stresses of sex and relationships has also ‘reversed ageing’

The secret to ageing gracefully is searched for worldwide – but one woman says abstaining from sex is the magic ingredient to her youthful glow.

Rachel Witing, 39, has turned her back on intimacy under the sheets and insists it’s made her look and feel ten years younger.

The mum-of-two decided to give up sex and relationships in September 2022, and now reveals she “couldn’t be happier” as the decision has “reversed the ageing process”.

Rachel, from Cardiff, Wales, candidly opened up about suffering from trauma in her life – including losing her husband in 2011 and then her sister in 2022, to suicide.

Rachel says she has learnt to discipline herself in her journey and no longer has any sexual desires thanks to becoming more spiritual and awakened. She feels as if she has gained a new clear perspective on life and says that she will remain celibate forever.

“I will remain celibate until the day I die because of the peace, happiness and clarity that I have gained since,” Rachel explained. “I have also found that I have started to look and feel ten years younger. It’s definitely reversed the ageing process for me and I am never lonely despite people constantly assuming I would be.”

After leaving a three-year relationship and embarking on a healing journey, Rachel vowed that she would never have sex or another relationship ever again in a bid to truly heal herself. Her life has changed drastically – she has also become a born-again Christian and has never been happier.

Rachel, who now works as a relationship and abuse recovery coach, added: “People think that I must be lonely or pine for a partner, but it’s the total opposite because I am not exchanging my energy with another person. I don’t feel bonded to anyone that could end up hurting me and causing stress, anxiety, and depression.

“Not everyone has the same moral compass as you and I’m not using partners to mask my wounds from past trauma. I’m so fulfilled with my life now with hobbies, adventure, and even just day-to-day life. After leaving my relationship, I didn’t want to get back into the dating scene and jump into another relationship hoping next time it would work out better.

“I wanted to go solo and remain that way. I’m not focused on finding a partner or relationship and trying to make it work – I am focused on myself and it’s brought me self-worth, self-respect, confidence but not arrogance, clarity and a new perspective on life.”

Revealing how the lifestyle change has made her feel more youthful, Rachel added: “As a bonus, I even look younger now. It could be due to having less stress in my life. People are shocked when they find out I am 39 and have a 21-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son. They think I am 29 years old.

“I’m very open and transparent about celibacy, and I would recommend it to anyone. Sometimes I suggest abstinence first and see how it goes. It’s the best decision I ever made.”

Rachel says that ditching romantic relationships has left her feeling liberated, confident and empowered as a woman and that her energy levels are through the roof. After reaching a point in her life where she knew it was better to remain celibate, she now focuses on loving herself and not having to rely on anyone else for her happiness.

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