‘I’m 42 and dating someone much younger – worry the age gap is too creepy’

By Staff

A woman dating someone significantly younger than her has grown concerned her fling might come across as ‘creepy’ and turned to others for advice about whether what she is doing is right

A woman has divided opinion after admitting she has been dating someone almost 20 years younger than her.

The unnamed 42-year-old took to Mumsnet where she expressed fear her age-gap relationship was “too creepy”. Others were left divided over the confession.

“Am I being unreasonable to sleep with a 23 year old?” she asked.

“Given that I am 42, he knows full well how old I am, we met on a dating site where he wanted to meet older women. Ok or creepy age gap?”

“Yes, bit creepy,” one woman responded. “I had a friend marrying in a similar age gap (man being the older one) and found it very odd. But each to their own, I’m around your age but I don’t date under 30-year olds.”

Another agreed: “Creepy on both sides. How are you not creeped out by this man fetishising you based on your age? And you actually considering someone who’s old enough to be your child just for a (likely disappointing) quicky?” A third concurred: “I am 45, my son is 23 so bit gross would be like going out with one of his friends, wouldn’t do it even if I didn’t have a son that age.”

And a fourth explained: “The fact he wants to sleep with older women is very likely to mean he’s crap in bed and wants a more ‘experienced’ woman to be his teacher (massive ick in itself). He probably thinks (and would be proving as much if you went ahead) that older women are an easier shag target because they want to be validated about their ability to still ‘get it’ with extra points for getting a man half their age.”

Others, however encouraged the woman to live and let live and to do whatever makes her happy. “S**g who you like and for whatever reason you want – who cares?” a care-free woman advised. “He may be fetishising your age, but again – who cares? It’s not like you’re marrying him, and even if you were it’s nobody’s business but your own.”

A second agreed: “Life is too short for judgmental opinions. Sleep with who you want. You’re both single and old enough to make this decision without anyone else’s input.”

And a woman in favour said: “I am a similar age to you. So he likes older women. If you are happy with that go along for the ride. Have a lovely time but don’t expect anything for ever and ever amen! Enjoy but don’t let emotions rule your head.”

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