‘I’m a catfish with no front teeth – my make-up transformations empower women’

By Staff

A woman’s incredible make-up transformations are leaving people in awe as she looks completely unrecognisable after working her magic. Some even call her a ‘catfish’

Make-up is a powerful tool and one woman has left people stunned with her incredible transformation.

Beauty guru Sarah Andres looks unrecognisable in her tutorial videos as she reveals how make-up and clip-in veneers completely switch up her natural look.

The woman lost her teeth in a quad biking accident in 2017, and after a gruelling few years, she’s embracing her new appearance. Sarah says people don’t believe she’s the same peron when they see her “natural self”.

The woman, who goes by the name @lashesandlosing online, is constantly told she’s a “catfish” when she shares her inspirational transformation videos on TikTok.

The make-up artist from Edmonton, Canada, said: “People can’t believe that is it the same person in the before and after pictures because of how different I look when I do my make-up, hair and put my teeth in. I have even had people ask me how I managed to lose weight between the before and after images.

“And when people that know me without make-up actually see me with makeup, they don’t even recognise me. I started sharing my transformations because my friends told me how different I look when I put make-up on, and I think because I have teeth missing it makes it even more dramatic and shocking.

“It doesn’t bother me when I share what I look like naturally because I am happy with the way I am and I know that looks aren’t everything. Although it has taken me a while to get to this point.”

While people have a lot to say about her appearance, she loves both of her ‘looks’. Sarah goes on to explain that she wears veneers to get that “beautiful” Hollywood smile and often uses the “power of contouring” to dramatically change the shape of her face, giving her the “perfect” nose.

Sarah has been teaching herself how to do makeup since 2010 and has been perfecting her skills ever since. She added: “I have watched hundreds of hours worth of make-up tutorials on YouTube to learn these skills and in 2018 I became a full-time makeup artist.”

“My favourite thing about make-up is that I can dramatically change the way that I look. It’s like magic. I have tried many techniques and found what works best for me and my face.”

She adds that it can take up to an hour to complete her full make-up transformation and that she hopes to use her platform of over 200,000 followers to inspire others. “I love doing glamourous makeup looks, I never go for a natural makeup look. It’s all or nothing with me.

“However, my nose and my teeth are the things that people point out the most when they see my transformations. It’s really fun being able to change myself so dramatically, but I don’t feel the need to hide behind makeup. But my main goal is to inspire women and help them realise they are beautiful with and without makeup.”

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