I’m a fashion writer and my go-to Dr Martens sandals that feel like walking on clouds have 45% off

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These popular Dr Marten sandals usually cost £110 but in Amazon’s spring sale they’re reduced to as low as £65.60

I know we’re just one day into spring, but the shift in seasons has us all rather excited for the warmer weather with BBQs flying off shelves, garden furniture and even summer clothing and shoes beginning to crop up in the spring sales on the likes of Amazon, Dunelm and high street stores. And with light jacket weather in touching distance, it seems I’m not the only one who can’t wait to do the annual wardrobe switch from winter to summer as shoppers are snapping up a pair of Dr Marten Vegan Blaire Cambridge Fisherman sandals in Amazon’s Spring Deals that would usually cost £110 for only £65.60.

As a proud owner of these exact shoes, I can confirm this deal is one worth taking advantage of because not only are the chunky, platform sandals incredibly stylish with their patent finish and go with quite literally any outfit – casual or classy – they are super comfortable from the get go. I remember sliding my feet into them when I first opened the box and, no exaggeration, it was like walking on clouds thanks to their bouncy sole and arched footbed.

Unlike many shoes of this style, these sandals are relatively easy to break in fast thanks to their soft and supple material, meaning you will on have to suffer with minor – if any – blisters (which happens with all shoes) for a short while.

Plus, thanks to their relatively high buckle fastening on the ankle and three thick straps across the top of the foot, they’re pretty supportive.

It’s not just me who loves these gorgeous shoes either as the Dr. Martens Women’s Vegan Blaire Cambridge Fisherman Sandal have received over 9,000 glowing reviews on Amazon and over 400 more on Dr Martens website, many of which rave about the shoes’ comfort level.

One even said they were like ‘slippers on my feet’ they were so comfy and remarked: “The comfiest sandal I have ever owned. They are like slippers on my feet! When first worn the leaf buckle made a blister on my foot but after few wears softened up and never had them off My feet. Lightest comfiest shoe I have EVER worn. Would highly recommend these to anyone.”

Another added: “The leather straps were a bit tight at first but after wearing once they sort of moulded to my feet, the soles are really soft and comfortable, I absolutely love them I think they are priced well and are great for this summer, you’ll see all the copies this summer season but I wanted the originals ;)”

A third stated: “Sooo comfy, also support is good , quantity excellent, looks fab with jeans or a dress.”

Made from vegan leather with a rubber sole, these sandals are an investment piece – not only because of the rather high usual price tag – which is made slightly easier with Amazon’s spring sale, but because they will last. I got mine about five years ago and they’re still going strong even now – although the buckle looks a smidge worn from years and years of wearing them everywhere.

The shoes have the classic Dr Martens embellishments – the yellow gold stitching on the sole and the DM logo tag – and despite them looking relatively chunky, they’re actually pretty lightweight, making them a great shoe to wear throughout the spring and summer months. Plus, they won’t take up much room in your holiday suitcase if you can’t bear to leave them at home when you go abroad this summer.

Coming in a variety of colours, from patent black to parchment beige (in a more matte finish) the shoes range from £65.60 to £89.99 depending on the size. Either way, it’s an incredible saving on a pair of shoes that would usually set you back over £100 – and you know you’re getting a good quality, comfy pair of sandals you’ll wear for years to come.

If you’d prefer these sandals in a cherry red colour, they’re on sale on Dr Marten’s website for £75 – or for a thicker, high platform, the Blaire Quad Sandals in black are available on Schuh for £83.99.

We totally get if you can’t or don’t want to pay over £50 for a pair of sandals and lucky for you there are plenty of alternative options on the high street that mirror this sort of style – but not the cost. These TopShop Jaydee Strappy sandals have a bit of a platform and rather than three straps crossing the foot horizontally, the design is more criss-cross. These Tu sandals are a bit closer to the Dr Martens’ design but costs only £11.20 (on sale) and rather than a patent finish, it’s matte with only two straps across the foot.

While I understand that there’s still a chill in the air and the thought of getting your toes out currently will probably send you into a shiver, this deal is great if you want to stock up on your sandals before the summer rush – plus, it gives you chance to break them in before the hot weather comes.

If this sounds like a good idea, get yourself some Dr. Martens Women’s Vegan Blaire Cambridge Fisherman Sandals here from Amazon.

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