‘I’m a flight attendant and not just a pretty face – this part of job is brutal’

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A flight attendant shared some insight into what actually happens when they train to do their job. It’s definitely fair to say the role is not for the fainthearted

A flight attendant revealed exactly what they have to learn during training – and it will totally blow your mind.

Most seasoned travellers are all too familiar with the routine of boarding planes, which are surrounded by attendants standing by at the entrance and in aisles helping guide people to their seats. As they board, passengers are greeted with a full, beaming smile and asked where they are seated.

They also ensure everyone is safe to fly before the plane takes off, and come around with those all important flight drinks and snacks. But, according to a TikTok creator, their job involves a lot more than that, as the training they have to endure is pretty intense.

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The flight attendant, known as MrsMiva, disclosed some pretty big secrets in the video. While people may think flight attendants have to do simple things – like make announcements on board, push the snack trolley down the aisle and inform people of the safety precautions – their job actually entails so much more.

She shared a clip, which is said to feature footage from training, that shows them act out what would happen if a fire took place on-board. In the training video, the plane is engulfed with smoke, and they learn how to get people to safety.

As well as this, they have to know how to “evacuate a plane and hundreds of passengers within 90 seconds”. When doing this, they also have to remain “calm and professional”.

In the clip, she also shows the team learning to deal with safety and emergency equipment on-board, and they have to keep up to date with all the latest training. MrsMiva said they also know now to provide first aid, and how to spot if anyone is unwell.

She finishes off the video by urging people to “be nice” to staff, as they work really hard to keep people safe. Even though flight attendants aren’t nurses or police offers, she said they do a lot more than serve food and “look pretty”.

The video really has opened a lot of people’s eyes as to the work that goes into the flight attendants’ role. Social media users said the video is “really informative”, and they’re so glad she shared some insight into the hard work that goes into their job.

One person said: “Great video and quite instructive. We work hard and we have to stay alert in the event of any type of emergency. Thank you so much for this.”

Another wrote: “Smoke on a plane must be sheer hell – lucky for us we have trained and professional staff like you.” And a third replied: “My dream job.”

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