‘I’m a make-up artist – ditch fish face contour for my method and you’ll look younger’

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A makeup artist has urged women to avoid falling into a trap and making themselves look older – and suggested everyone should follow her method to give a youthful apperance

While people turn to makeup to appear youthful – it could be having the opposite effect claimed one make-up artist.

The power of make-up can transform people and enhance features, this make-up artist has urged people to ditch the contour for her method to make you look younger and while everyone has their own ways of applying cosmetics, make-up artist and beauty influencer Lauren Hale told women to follow here “game-changing” trick for contouring, and stop doing the “fish face” method.

The mum-of-three took to social media to help women with her trick to help “fight the signs of gravity as we age” and reckons her fool-proof method works every time.

Lauren, who regularly shares her makeup tips and tricks online aims to help women over 40 to feel their best. The beauty pro claimed that women who follow the “fish face” method are actually dragging their faces down. This is done by pouting and following your cheekbone line downwards with the contour towards your mouth.

She demonstrated her technique to diminish signs of sagging and give an uplifted and snatched appearance. To do this, she placed a makeup brush from her ear to her mouth and dabbed three dots of cream contour above the brush. Lauren then blended the dots to her cheekbone to create a shadow and lifted her face upwards giving the contoured appearance.

“If you are over 40 and still making a fish face to place your contour this trick is a GAMECHANGER. Try this method for giving the illusion of pulling your cheekbones upward with your contour placement,” she wrote in the video caption. She added: “No more applying your contour too low onto the hollows of the face. Instead, give this simple tip a try and watch your whole face pull upward for a simple facelift.”

Lauren further detailed: “As we age, our faces lose facial fat and volume and can also drift downward thanks to gravity. With all of that happening in our 40s, we can use makeup to create the illusion of more fullness or a thinner look if you feel you have more fullness than you would like.”

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