‘I’m baffled after realising what ASOS actually stands for – I had it wrong my whole life’

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People are only just realising that ASOS actually has a meaning, and they’ve been left ‘mind-blown’ – with some even reminding them why the acronym stands for what it does

If you’re desperately searching for an outfit for an event and just can’t seem to make your mind up on one, ASOS is a one-stop shop thanks to their next-day premier delivery, and thousands upon thousands of choices.

From fancier brands such as Lace and Beads to the more affordable ASOS Design, the online retailer really does seem to have it all since they launched in 2000 – and they even sell beauty and body products to make it easier for you to do your whole haul in one place.

But what does ASOS actually stand for? Some people are only just realising, and they’re stunned, to say the least.

Fashion influencer Jilly Cross, from Glasgow, was under the impression that thanks to the company getting a lot of its inspiration from celebrity culture, that the acronym stood for “As Seen On Stars”. But that’s not the case, and she said she was “humbled” to learn that it actually means “As Seen On Screen”.

She likely believed it was ‘As Seen On Stars’ due to the fact that ASOS exclusively sold imitations of clothing worn by superstars on television, in movies and in music videos at its inception. But now, it offers much more than that.

And she wasn’t the only person who had no idea what it actually stood for, with someone taking to X, formerly Twitter, to ask: “Why am I so behind on things?” when they realised what the acronym meant.

Another said: “I am so many years old that I remember when @ASOS was ‘As Seen On Screen’ and you could buy things like jeans ‘in the style of Cameron Diaz’ and the door peeper frame in Friends or the webcam from American Pie. Anyone else?”

Someone responded: “YES and you could search for your fave style icon aka Mary Kate Olson and you could copy her style!”, and another shared: “Yes. I remember a lot of Von Dutch hats thanks to Paris Hilton!”

An X user penned: “I wonder if the younger generation knows that ASOS started out as As Seen On Screen and there were pics of celebs and if you clicked on the pic you could buy a replica of their outfit”, and it turns out many didn’t, as they said they were “mind-blown” by the fact.

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