‘I’m in love with a ghost and my girlfriend accepts it – they both hang out together’

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A couple who are unapologetic for their lifestyle has been told they are ‘speaking to demons’ after confessing they have a third individual in their relationship – a war soldier from the 1700s

Meet the couple who spend their date nights at cemeteries and have a third individual in their relationship – a 300-year-old ghost.

A loved up couple has been inundated with judgement after opening up about their unconventional relationship online. Rebekah Carmicheal is a professional ghost guide – but her otherworldly connections suddenly became a lot more personal when she met Rupert – the spirit of a Welshman and Revolutionary War soldier from the 1700s.

The American woman claims the ghost “followed her home” one night and soon after they “got to know each other and slowly began to spend more time together”. Unexpected feelings grew between them, and they became a couple. But soon after, Rebekah did meet someone new in the living world – a fellow spirit social media educator, called Katharyn, and the pair fell in love.

Rebekah says she had to come clean to Rupert about her living world relationship, and inform her girlfriend of her spirit relationship. Katharyn insists there is “no jealousy” as she “respects the connection” that Rebekah and Rupert have. The trio reportedly often hang out and “go on trips” together.

Rebekah explained to Love Don’t Judge that she and Rupert connect through their energies, with their relationship primarily revolving around emotions, “because of the very clear physical differences between us”. She added: “He is acknowledging that I’m here in the physical. I need to live a life here in my present.

“He had to learn how I was psychically perceiving him. With respect he started hanging out more where I was living, he was always very clear on boundaries, wanting consent. He never wanted to press being inside [my home] or anything like that.”

Speaking about how the relationship began with Katharyn, Rebekah said: “We met in person a year after we had started talking. We became best friends, and then we stopped ignoring how we felt for each other.” “We met on TikTok. I found Rebecca and I thought, wow, this is great,” Katharyn explained.

Katharyn isn’t in a romantic relationship with Rupert but often interacts with Rupert. “Rupert and I are friends. We’ve hung out, had conversations, gone on trips together.” The living couple makes videos and live streams with a community of people online, who get an insight into their ghostly interactions.

But the pair say they have been inundated with comments such as, “you’re crazy”, or told they are “lying” and “talking to demons”. “They’re letting everybody out of your asylums nowadays”, one commented. “Find Jesus, accept him into your heart,” another wrote.

The couple also said the record straight on Love Don’t Judge – confirming that they do not suffer from mental health issues but people assume they “must do” due to their interests and lifestyle.

Despite this, they focus on the positives and the hope that they have brought to many like-minded people. Rebekah added: “What’s worth it to me is the amount of people who come forward and say, ‘you made me feel sane, thank you”.” Katharyn agreed: “It was really like a community built on people that says, ‘I thought I was losing it’.”

The couple enjoy date days out at grave yards and talk to spirits “for fun” – Katharyn uses a spirit box to hear them. What makes their bond so strong is their acceptance of one another.

Katharyn said: “I love Rebekah for her talent. I feel very privileged to be in this spirit with her. She is like a star.”

Speaking on screen on Love Don’t Judge, Rebekah told Katharyn: “What I love about you the most is how you make me feel seen. I don’t worry about the future with you. I am so caught up in how happy I am in the present.”

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