Infuriating WhatsApp photo bug angers users – check your phone and update chat app now

By Staff

WhatsApp users have been struck by an annoying photo bug that duplicates images on popular iPhones – a fix has now been issued to solve the glitch.

WhatsApp users have been left angry and frustrated due to a glitch that duplicates images sent via the service. The annoying bug affects those who automatically save photos, received via the platform, to their iPhone camera roll. Instead of one image appearing in their library, many are now seeing double with everything saved twice. This is not only highly annoying but also means more storage is being chewed up each time a photo is sent.

The problem appears to be exclusive to iPhones with many Apple users taking to discussion forums to vent their anger.

One user with the nickname Ursula274, said “On my iPhone my WhatsApp is set to automatically save the photos I receive on Photos. For me this was working just fine, but a couple of days ago Photos started to save each photo twice. This means that now, if I receive one photo via WhatsApp and then I go to Photos, the same pic appears duplicated.”

And another called Vinay, added: “I am also facing the same issues. Photos are saved twice from WhatsApp and this is irritating. Kindly let me know the solution or fix the bug.”

Complaining they were also affected, user Ginapaolo said: “Same issue here with an iPhone 14 Pro Max, since yesterday all WhatsApp photos are duplicate!”

Meta, who owns the WhatsApp platform, has now confirmed that there is an issue with its chat app which has now been fixed. An update is being rolled out globally with iPhone users urged to download the latest version of the popular service.

Once installed, it should stop the duplication although it seems anything already doubled up in the Photos app may need to be deleted manually to clear out space.

“We’re aware that a small number of iPhone users are having issues when receiving media whereby it’s saving twice to their camera roll,” a Meta spokesperson told The Sun.

“We’re rolling out a fix to users, and recommend all those affected to download the latest version of the app.”

To check you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, simply head to the App Store on your iPhone. Then tap on your account profile in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down to the list of apps and tap Update All.

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