Inside Queen Camilla’s incredible transformation – from rural style to regal elegance

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Queen Camilla has undergone something of a transformation in recent years, and royal fans are desperate to know her secret.

The King’s wife has been turning heads at recent events having swapped her initial relaxed and rural style for regal elegance.

When Camilla first appeared on the royal stage, she was known to favour a minimalist approach to her appearance. She rarely wore makeup nor styled her hair, and preferred an informal, everyday wardrobe featuring jeans and sweatshirts.

But the Queen has now adapted her style with aplomb, opting for tailored ensembles, a youthful hair style and colour, and carefully considered makeup befitting of her age. Her appearance sat the D-Day 80th anniversary services this week perfectly showcased her style credentials. And with that in mind, we take a closer look at Camilla’s glow-up.

Her wardrobe

Camilla has worked closely with her long-standing dresser, Jacqui Meakin, who also worked for the late Queen Mother, to develop an elegant but unfussy style. It has led to some stand-out moments from the royal; from the bold blue Anna Valentine jumpsuit she wore for her Reading Room literary festival to the striking Dior gown and cape she wore to a state banquet at the Palace Versailles.

Alongside Anna, she favours designer staple Bruce Oldfield as well as Fiona Clare, cultivating a glamorous new style which suits her status as a modern monarch.

Camilla can often be seen in knee-length dresses that emphasise her small waist, worn under figure-skimming coats, and almost exclusively in shades of white, cream and dove grey. But come evening time, she isn’t afraid to up the ante with dramatic floor-length gowns in gorgeous jewel shades. And for the D-Day events on Thursday, she opted for a pastel pink outfit.

Over the years, fashion observers have noted how Camilla seems to have taken style cues from the Princess of Wales. Both have both kept up with fashion trends in recent times, including polka dots and pussy bows, and will frequently recycle their outfits. Fiona Clare, a trusted couturier of the new Queen, has said that Camilla has ‘found her rhythm’ over the years.

“She [Camilla] has really found her style and I think she’s looking amazing’ Fiona noted. “She suddenly looks so confident – it just happened from one day to the next.’

She told the Telegraph: ‘What is important to the Queen is the same as what’s important for millions of women, to feel comfortable and confident and always look appropriate.”

Former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, meanwhile, has remarked that Camilla has a ‘good eye for colour’.

She told the Daily Mail: “She knows a deep blue – like the Vivienne Westwood dress she wore to the London Palladium in 2013 – will bring out the colour of her eyes. She also tends towards icy colours – pale blues, pale pinks, blush tones and cream that work with her hair and complexion.

“She always gamely dresses the part, but I suspect she’s happiest in informal country clothes. The Barbour jacket, the Dubarry boots and a pair of corduroy trousers are far more Camilla’s style than the glittering frocks.

“One of her greatest strengths is that she’s happy in her own skin. It’s one of the things I suspect her husband admires most in her.”


Back in the day, Camilla’s hair was layered with blonde highlights and styled in a feathered bob. According to royal expert Ingrid Seward: “Charles has always loved Camilla’s candy floss locks. Her blonde hair is thick but very fine, which makes it difficult to style – something that’s obvious from her early days in the public eye.

“When they first met, it was often frizzy, unkempt and windswept from days spent outdoors.”

But over time she has found the perfect style, keeping a soft fringe but updating her feathered bob and changing colour to a softer shade that perfectly compliments her complexion.

Jo Hansford, who has overseen Camilla’s shades of blonde for the past 35 years, previously told Tatler: “I’ve made the Queen’s [colour] much warmer, more honey than white blonde,” adding that while she ensures the perfect shade, Camilla “manages her look very well herself. She prefers a low-key style”.

Paz Torralba, a beauty specialist at the head of The Beauty Concept, further added: “Camilla has always had very classic and conservative hair, but at the same time she has managed to make it timeless, which is very practical for a woman with a very busy schedule.

“With her last retouch of her bob, she has taken years off and her fun attitude has been enhanced because this cut rejuvenates and it looks good on everyone. In other words, it enhances the best of the face and is easy to maintain.

“The case of Camilla is a true reflection that beauty is a matter of attitude. She has learnt how to make her way of seeing life, positive and relaxed, her most attractive attribute.”


Camilla has been working with London-based make-up artist Marina Sandoval for around 15 years. But she has also picked up some beauty tips along the way, and isn’t afraid to do her own face up.

Charles’s wife has always favoured a ‘less is more’ approach, but over time she has learned what works best for her skin tone and has adapted her products in keeping with her age.

Camilla frequently opts for a light, natural foundation or tinted moisturiser that is not too heavy and leaves her skin dewy. She highlights her blue eyes with a very black mascara – and on occasion black liquid eyeliner – and a pencil to line her brows. She will complete her look with a dash of lipstick, often in a soft pink shade to help lift her.


Queen Camilla has facialist Deborah Mitchell to thank for her healthy glow. And one of her most popular treatments is her renowned Bee Sting Facial which uses venom from the sting of Kenyan bees and is a favourite anti-ageing option.

Skin expert and founder of the WOW Facial, Claire Williams told the Express: “As well as undergoing beauty treatments and procedures, Camilla’s flawless appearance could also be due to a rigorous skincare regime, balanced diet and sunscreen.”

It’s thought that she follows a rigorous skincare routine in the morning and at night; those over 60 are recommended to wash their face with a gentle cleanser and warm water while using a soft cloth, exfoliate once a week and use anti-ageing moisturisers and serums before going to bed.

Claire also said that Camilla is “known for using organic products and bee venom for naturally younger-looking skin”.

Camilla may also wear sunscreen on a daily basis, even during the winter months as it is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age.

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