iPhone users convinced Apple’s ‘suspicious’ update is ‘made for cheaters’

By Staff

Apple unveiled its highly-anticipated iOS 18 update yesterday, showcasing a bunch of exciting new features. However, one privacy update has raised eyebrows online, with some saying it will help those being unfaithful

Apple has given a glimpse of its new iOS 18 software, and it smells like infidelity…

The tech giant announced yesterday at the WorldWide Developers Conference some of the new features iPhone users* will be able to play with later in the year. This includes providing a transcript of your phone calls, new photo-editing ability, and the opportunity to customise your home screen like never before.

iMessages have also been given a revamp, with the new option to schedule messages for a specified time, and responding to texts with any emoji or sticker. However, a new privacy feature aiming to “empower users” has come under fire, with some describing it as a “cheater’s paradise”.

In a press release, Apple said iOS18 will provide “peace of mind” for users wanting to keep information, including certain apps and notifications, private. It added: “Users can now lock an app; and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder.

“When an app is locked or hidden, content like messages or emails inside the app is hidden from search, notifications, and other places across the system.” The update may be well received by those wanting to add an extra level of protection to their banking apps, but some people think it could be used for bad.

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Taking to X (formerly Twitter), swathes of iPhone users argued the privacy update would make it easier for people to be unfaithful to their partners. “On the Apple update, you can hide and lock apps, and they won’t even come up if you search words in the search bar. Apple is a cheater’s paradise. That’s sick,” one person fumed.

Another agreed, commenting: “Oh nah, they helping cheaters cheat with this new iOS update. Stay safe out there.” While a third added: “IOS coming out with more ways to cheat each update.”

The Mirror has contacted Apple for comment

*iOS 18 will not be available for every model of iPhone. You can check whether you’ll be offered the update here.

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