Kate Middleton and Prince William’s unexpected boost as conspiracy theories continue to mount

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Prince William and Princess Kate have been given a huge online boost, despite the whereabouts of the future Queen being questioned amid conspiracy theories about her

Princess Kate and Prince William appear to have won over the public since the Mother’s Day picture scandal.

The Princess of Wales came under fire from several of the world’s leading picture agencies after it emerged that she had edited a snap of herself and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The Princess, 42, claimed that she had experimented with minor editing.

It came to light that there had been several inconsistencies with the snap, around the alignment of Catherine’s hand as well as an issue surrounding Charlotte’s sleeve. A “kill order” was subsequently sent out by agencies including AP, AFP, Reuters and Getty Images. Despite this, their popularity has continued to soar.

Research shows that the couple have amassed over 218,000 combined followers across their social media platforms. OnlineCasinos365 noted that on Instagram, their followers rocketed by 170,349. Meanwhile, on X, formally known as Twitter, they had over 48,000 new followers.

The whereabouts of the princess has since come into question as she has not carried out any official duties since Christmas Day 2023 when she was seen walking to church with members of The Royal Family. Despite this, she was seen recently sitting in the passenger seat of an Audi, while her mother, Carole Middleton, was driving around the Windsor estate.

On Commonwealth Day, Prince William was driven from Adelaide Cottage to central London by his special convoy, with Kate sitting alongside him as she was driven to a “private appointment”. Over the weekend, the princess was seen alongside William, shopping at a farm store close to their home on the Windsor estate, but many believe that the woman pictured was not Kate.

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one user said: “A week ago the Palace told us Kate Middleton was still recovering and couldn’t even sit for a Mother’s Day photo and couldn’t attend any events, yet this woman is jogging and carrying bags and not one person recognized her in the shop or outside.” “She seems quite fit and lifting bags for a person with abdominal surgery who apparently needs more time to recover. Something is dodgy,” said a second.

“How could you think posting this is a good idea? It looks nothing like Kate or William,” commented a third. Kensington Palace has previously stated that the princess will return to public-facing duties after Easter, following a three to four-month recovery after her abdominal surgery.

Elsewhere, Google Trends data shows that searches for ‘Kate Middleton’ are at a five-year high, increasing by over 1,566 per cent. A spokesperson for OnlineCasinos365 told the Mirror: “The social media rumours spreading like wildfire worldwide have sent thousands of new Instagram followers to royal accounts. It’s caused Kate and William to gain the most followers in a week since the coronation, almost a year ago. It demonstrates the influence of the royal family and the intense magnifying glass they are under. Public interest and pressure is building around Kate Middleton, sparking wild conspiracy theories and social commentary.”

Mirror Online has reached out to Kensington Palace for comment.

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