Kate Middleton clip sends social media into meltdown with jokes and mad conspiracy theories

By Staff

The royal couple’s surprise visit to the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday has sparked a fresh wave of cheeky jokes about the elusive Kate’s sudden reappearance, including Bigfoot comparisons

A new video clip showing Kate Middleton and Prince William has sparked a fresh wave of cheeky jokes and bizarre conspiracy theories online.

The royal couple’s surprise visit to the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday came after they had spent the morning watching their three children – George, 10, Charlotte, eight, and Louis, five – play sport.

Kensington Palace previously said that Kate would not be seen in public before Easter after abdominal surgery in January but she has now been spotted four times in two weeks. However the shopping trip to the farm shop, just a mile from her Adelaide Cottage home, has sent the internet into a tailspin.

Kate’s appearance, looking happy and healthy, comes after a prolonged absence from the public eye and a furore over her edited Mother’s Day photo. This has led to wild speculation online with jokes and conspiracy theories flying as to the condition of the future queen.

Poking fun at the unfounded speculation that Kensington Palace used an actor to play the royals in the clip, Twitter user @ambernoelle posted a picture of acting couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez out and about with the caption: “Kate and William spotted at the farmers’ market”.

As well as conspiracy theories, the reports of Kate’s sudden reappearance looking “happy and well” as one witness reportedly claimed, has given rise to a spate of jokes about her elusiveness as well as the grainy quality of the new images.

“Why does every recent sighting of Kate Middleton give off the same vibe as the sightings of bigfoot to me?” asked user @GuiDevx above a still from the famous ‘Bigfoot’ clip.

A tweet from @alexandrakuri read: “the royal family: please leave princess kate alone she is recovering from very serious abdominal surgery

Then: “Kate outside the farm shop:” followed by a clip of Louie Spence from Pineapple Dance Studios performing a vigorous dance routine.

A similar tweet used a viral clip of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie singing as she performs cartwheels onstage.

The internet’s wild conspiracy theories extend beyond Kate, with the UK forced to deny King Charles’ death after Russian TV claimed he died on Sunday.

A screenshot of a mocked up non-existent Buckingham Palace death announcement spread widely in Russia. Several prominent outlets reported the bogus news but it was not immediately clear if Vladimir Putin ’s propaganda machine was directly behind it.

The sick stunt involving the monarch followed criticism in Britain and other Western countries of Putin’s election ‘victory’ in a ‘rigged’ presidential election. The British embassy’s Telegram channel posted a notice in Russian to stress the reports were fake.

‌“Reports about the death of King Charles III of Great Britain are fake,” said the announcement. The British Embassy in Ukraine issued a similar message.

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