Kate Middleton conspiracy theories nipped in the bud after new Windsor farm shop pictures

By Staff

Photos taken today show the wooden huts at the Windsor Farm Shop still have their Christmas lights up, putting to bed yet another conspiracy theory about the Princess of Wales’ time away

Photos from today of the Windsor Farm Shop where the Princess of Wales was spotted show the Christmas decorations are still up – putting to bed another conspiracy theory.

Yesterday a video of Kate walking out the shop carrying bags of shopping – smiling with William – was released. Commentors online claimed the video was “fake” and “staged” – with some saying the video was taken months ago, because it featured festive-looking grottos.

But photos taken today show the wooden huts with lights on were still there, putting to bed another conspiracy theory about the Princess of Wales’s time away.

The Windsor Farm Shop, just four minutes drive away from Kate’s home at Adelaide Cottage, was busy today following the royal visit yesterday. Yet despite the crowds, both staff and customers said the royal visit had no bearing on footfall today.

Kate was last seen in public on Christmas Day shortly before she underwent abdominal surgery. The shop is reasonably priced with customers paying what they would in a local butchers.

Several customers said they had come for the meat, with five chicken fillets priced at £10.95 and a whole chicken cost around £8, whilst a whole leg of lamb will cost you £40. Asked if the royal visit was responsible for the numbers of people there today, a shopworker replied: “It hasn’t made a difference. It’s always busy, we are one of the few farm shops nearby.

“We’ve not had a lot of new people come by since her appearance.” They also sell homemade pies, starting at £3.10 for a cheese and onion pastie and vegetable samosas and onion bhajis for £1.25.

You can buy freshly sourced farm eggs for £2.65 for six, more than double M&S free range mixed eggs at £1.30. Their Well Farm Milk costs £2.65 for a two pint container compared with £1.50 at big supermarkets.

They had a range of bakery items from a lemon Madeira cake for £3.55 to five chocolate chip cookies for £3.99. One customer, Danielle from Ascot, 37 said: “I’ve just met some family here at the coffee shop.

“I’ve got some pies today but quite often, I get their meat. It’s really good.” The Shop opened to the public on November 11 2001 to sell locally sourced goods and produce from the Royal Estates and The Great Park.

The Shop was created by converting Victorian potting sheds and constructing two new buildings which became the farm shop and the coffee shop. A new customer from Wokingham was coming to the Shop for the first time with a friend that lives locally.

He said: “We’re not here because of Kate. We’re just grabbing a cup of tea at the coffee shop and catching up.” A customer who lives a 15-minute drive away said: “I come here once a week or so. Mostly for the coffee shop, but sometimes I go to the Farm Shop.”

One customer, in her 60s, has lived in the area since she was born. She said: “I come here once a week to pick up meat.” Another local customer, Oxana, added: “I come here every week to pick up meat and vegetables.”

The store had an upgrade to add a newly built extension and refurbished the interior in 2011. The Royal Estate is 1,000 acres of land and 2,000 acres of grassland mainly used to feed the livestock. They have 200 pedigree Jersey milking cows, a pedigree Sussex beef herd, 140 breeding sows, and 1500 Lohmann Brown hens.

Kate is unlikely to return to her public duties until after April 17 when her children go back to Lambrook School, near Ascot, following the Easter holidays. The Royal Family also announced yesterday that King Charles, who is receiving cancer treatment, spent the weekend at his Highgrove home in Gloucestershire.

The Princess of Wales’ absence from the public sent rumour mills into overdrive online, with many speculating about her health and whereabouts. The release of the now-infamous doctored Mother’s Day picture showing her with her three children set gossip ablaze, with Kate releasing an apology for the glitches saying she did “occasionally experiment with editing”.

A public statement through the Kensington Royal social media accounts, with was signed off as ‘C’ to denote it was written by the princess personally, said: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day.”

Eagle-eyed fans had spotted several irregularities on the family portrait suggesting it had been doctored, including Princess Charlotte’s sleeve and skirt pocket and detailing on Prince Louis’s jumper.

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