Kate Middleton ‘deserves downtime’ after Meghan Markle drama, claims expert

By Staff

According to a royal expert, the Princess of Wales may be made of strong stuff but it’s not been easy for Kate Middleton – who is still picking up the pieces following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quitting the Firm

The Princess of Wales “deserves some downtime” before returning to royal duties – especially given the fallout of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quitting the Firm, an expert has said.

Kate has had a tough start to the year after undergoing abdominal surgery in January and is now continuing with her recovery. Details of her condition have been kept private, and she is not expected to return to official duties until after Easter.

But she hasn’t been able to relax in peace, with social media theories spirally beyond control – despite pleas from the Palace for calm. And now a royal expert has claimed the future Queen should be left alone, especially given the added pressure she’s been under in recent months due to Meghan and Harry.

With the Sussexes stepping away from senior duties, other members of the Royal Family – including Kate – have stepped up and taken on more work. The couple have also made countless claims against Kate, including that she made Meghan cry.

Ingrid Seward tells The Mirror: “For the next couple of weeks over the Easter school holidays, Wills and Kate are hunkering down and concentrating on their family life. They have been working hard picking up all the pieces since the departure of Harry and Meghan. And they have kept silent over the unpleasant slurs made in Harry’s book published a year ago.

“Kate is made of strong stuff as are all the Middleton women. But it doesn’t stop her being hurt. They deserve some final downtime with their kids before it all starts up again.”

Speculation around Kate has gone from bad to worse in recent weeks, despite the Palace saying she would be away from public duties until after Easter. Things got even worse after the family released a snap of Kate with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on Mother’s Day.

Eagle-eyed fans we quick to spot the snap had been edited in several places – noticing part of Princess Charlotte’s sleeve was missing, the edge of her skirt is misaligned and the positioning of Kate’s zip doesn’t look right.

Kate apologised the next day and the photo was removed withdrawn with a “Kill” notice by international picture agencies and the UK’s PA news agency. Since then William and Kate were spotted in the Windsor Farm Shop at the weekend and watching their three children playing sports.

Referring to the edited family photo of Kate and her children – Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince George – Ingrid said: “The accompanying praise or criticism will not be fun to deal with, but it is what she signed up for when she married William. The reality of the social media storm of the past couple of weeks was not however what she ever expected. Not only did it affect her but the children. They are protective of their mother – especially as she has been unwell.”

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