Kate Middleton gives William one thing ‘he always needed’ despite being ‘total opposites’

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The Princess of Wales ‘fills a hole’ in Prince William’s life and gives him the one thing ‘he always needed’, according to one royal author. He says it’s the key to their 13-year long marriage

Prince William and Kate will celebrate 13 years of marriage together later this year and there is one thing that strengthens their bond, despite being “opposites”.

It seemed like just yesterday that young Prince William announced that he was engaged to sweetheart Kate, after the pair met at St Andrews university. Since then, the duo have welcomed three children into their family and been by each other’s sides through everything.

In recent years the pair have supported one another through several difficult times – Megan and Harry’s exit from the Royal Family, the late Queen’s death, and Kate’s abdominal surgery this year.

Royal author Tom Quinn told the Express in 2023 that the Prince and Princess of Wales gel so well because they are the definition of “opposites attract”.

The author said that “everyone” he has spoken to says that Kate is “almost unnaturally calm” while William is “more inclined to emotional outbursts”.

The expert added that the Princess of Wales “filled a hole” in William’s life that was left when his mother, Princess Diana, sadly died in 1997. And according to Quinn, Kate gives the future monarch the one thing he has “always needed” in his life – stability.

The author said: “Aside from the trauma of her death when he was 15, we’ve got to remember that she [Diana] was much more cuddly with William and Harry than Charles ever was. But at the same time, she grew up with nannies and governesses so the boys were left very much with staff while she desperately searched for love.

“Kate represents that solidity that the late Queen represented, a kind of never complain never explain, just very steady all the time. For someone like William who’s much more emotional and prone to lose it, that’s very attractive because when he loses it, she doesn’t.”

According to Quinn, who once interviewed the Prince of Wales, William has key personality traits that are very different to of Kate’s. He explained: “I interviewed William at this polo match, and you could see the irritation, he was about to lose it. Somebody else kept coming up to him and annoying him and pestering him, and he stormed off in the end. Now Kate would never do that.”

He claimed: “That’s a thing that goes back through the generations of royal males, especially heirs to the throne who tend to have tantrums. Harry is the same.”

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