Kate Middleton looks confident and ready to ‘take the lead’ in Royal Family during farm shop trip

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The Princess of Wales seems to be in ‘good health’ as she walked ‘confidently’ during a recent trip to the Windsor Farm Shop, according to body language expert Judi James, who complimented Kate’s ‘beaming smile’

Kate Middleton appeared to be “keen to take the lead” as she stepped out with Prince William following her recent health woes, according to an expert.

In newly-released footage, the Princess of Wales could be seen walking “confidently” next to her husband as they visited the Windsor Farm Shop on the weekend. Kate was dressed down in a jumper and leggings, whilst William put on a baseball cap, after they left Adelaide Cottage for a quick trip on Saturday. The mum-of-three was seen smiling from ear to ear as she went to get some fresh air by the popular store.

Judi James, body language analyst, said the mum boasted nothing but “energy and good health” as she ventured out following a lengthy recovery after a procedure. Kate underwent abdominal surgery and had to take a back seat from duties after the operation on January 16. Speaking about their farm shop trip, Judi told The Mirror: “This is no frail ‘first steps outside’ kind of body language, Kate looks happy and confident here and keen to take the lead and to be noticed.

“While William does seem to be yearning for privacy here, with his cap brim pulled over his face and his head down, Kate walks in a way to attract attention, stepping ahead of her husband and wearing a wide, beaming smile as she walks. Her hair streams behind her and her walk itself, thankfully and reassuringly, shows no signs of anything but energy and good health.”

The royal couple also spent Sunday morning watching Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis taking part in a sporting event, according to The Sun. Nelson Silva, who saw the couple, told TMZ: “I noticed a couple choosing loaves of bread and the woman turned her face and I felt like I had seen the face before. It was familiar. I went to my car and as they came out of the shop I just filmed them. I think they walked out through a gate out of the grounds.

“They just vanished and I didn’t see a car. Kate looked happy and relaxed. They look happy just to be able to go to a shop and mingle. Kate looked relieved, like it was a success going to a shop. It felt natural.” Kate’s absence from public life has led to wild conspiracy theories on social media about her whereabouts and health. Details of her condition have not been disclosed but Kensington Palace previously said it was not cancer-related and that Kate wished her personal medical information to remain private. Kate is expected to resume official engagements after this date.

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