Kate Middleton ‘sighted’ again as Windsor locals give rare insight into her life since op

By Staff

Amid wild conspiracy theories about Kate as she recovers from abdominal surgery, locals near her home in Windsor reveal what the Princess of Wales gets up to when she’s not in the spotlight

The Princess of Wales and her family moved out of London for a quiet life.

But the last few weeks have been anything but for Kate, 42, thanks to that doctored Mother’s Day photo and wild conspiracy theories claiming that a rare sighting at Windsor Farm Shop was fake.

While the princess has been staying out of the public eye as she recovers from abdominal surgery, locals who live in Windsor have confirmed she is very much alive and well. Here, the Mirror takes a look at what locals have revealed about Kate’s life in the historic town…

On January 16 Kate Middleton went into hospital for abdominal surgery and has been taking it easy ever since. On Mother’s Day she released a picture of herself and her three children Prince Louis, George and Princess Charlotte but was forced to apologise the next day after picture agencies “killed” the image because it had been photoshopped.

Then on Monday evening, a video of the Princess taking a stroll around Windsor Farm Shop at the weekend sent conspiracy theorists into a spin. Some social media users claimed the video must have been taken at Christmas because there were festive decorations lining the wooden huts in the background. Others falsely claimed on social media that the wooden huts no longer exist, that the image was created using AI or that it wasn’t Kate but it was in fact a body double.

However these theories have been squashed by locals who told The Telegraph they see the couple at the Windsor Farm Shop frequently. Reporters went to visit and heard shoppers discussing the theories on Tuesday – one even took a live-streamed video of the backdrop to prove to her friend the huts were still there and covered in Christmas decorations.

“It’s a load of nonsense, it really is,” Ann Tanner , 71, who lives opposite the shop, told The Telegraph. “We live here just across the road, they go in and out the back gate and Dave (the doorkeeper) will have let them in quickly. The Princess comes here quite a lot, it’s on her doorstep and Adelaide Cottage is a couple of hundred yards away. They were at the tennis on Sunday – my friend plays there and Kate was watching the children, they’re there all the time.”

Another local resident, Kevin Pietersen, 43, wrote on X, formerly Twitter : “We see W&K [William and Kate] most days and in the last couple days too! It beggars belief that people would be so ridiculous and cruel in writing b——t on this platform that are out and out lies.”

Speculation around Kate has gone from bad to worse in recent weeks, despite the Palace saying she would be away from public duties until after Easter. Things got even worse after the family released a snap of Kate with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on Mother’s Day. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the snap had been edited in several places – noticing part of Princess Charlotte’s sleeve was missing, the edge of her skirt is misaligned and the positioning of Kate’s zip doesn’t look right.

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