Kate Middleton video: Watch farm shop footage in full and all the details you missed

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The footage shows the Princess of Wales smiling and chatting happily to Prince William as she visited the Windsor Farm Shop close to their home at the weekend as she continues her recovery from abdominal surgery

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Prince William and Kate Middleton visit ‘favourite’ farm shop

Smiling, looking relaxed and chatting happily to her husband, this is the video that shows the Princess of Wales is on the road to recovery.

Footage captured at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday shows Kate alongside Prince William on a casual outing close to their home as the princess continues her recuperation following abdominal surgery earlier this year. In the video, Kate can be seen with her hair down, wearing a black top and leggings, carrying a large white bag following their shopping trip.

It is the first time Kate has been seen out in public since her surgery. Her short absence from public life had led to wild conspiracy theories on social media about her whereabouts and health. And with royal watchers having no doubt poured over the footage, here we take a look at some of the details you may have missed from the video….

Telling outfit and weekend plans

Kate’s on-duty wardrobe usually sees her wear a range of smart dresses, business-like suits and classic high heels. But on her relaxed outing to the farm shop on Saturday, she opted for comfort wearing black leggings and black trainers.

And it seems the black hooded top that completed her casual look may have dropped a subtle hint about her and William’s plans for later that night. That’s because in the footage she was sports an England Rugby Icon hoodie by the sports brand Umbro.

Of course, Kate is the patron of the England Rugby Football Union and is a known passionate supporter of the England Rugby Union team. And with the side being in action on Saturday taking on France in their final Six Nations game of 2024, could William and Kate have been stocking up on treats and supplies ahead of watching the match later that day? If so, it would have been hard watch for the Wales family as England lost 33-31.

Kate revealed in 2022 that she had taken on two royal rugby patron roles, which were previously held by Prince Harry. He had to give them up when he and wife Meghan Markle stepped down as working royals.

What’s in Kate’s shopping bag?

While we don’t know exactly what tasty treats the Wales family were going to tuck into, one fellow shopper did spot them browsing the bread aisle and picking a loaf. The shop sells a huge variety of items including eggs and meats from local supplies.

There is also a massive selection of sweet treats like biscuits and chocolates – so there is a chance they might have treated themselves for a few sweet snacks as well. They shop also sell sluxury hampers – but they don’t come cheap.

The largest will set you back £220 but it is jampacked with goodies. Among other things, it including apple juice, beer, gin, chutneys, cheeses, crackers, duck pate, chocolates and a fruit cake. At the cheaper end of the scale, the cheapest on offer costs £60 – including clotted cream fudge, pickle, shortbread biscuits, chocolate and apple juice.

‘Taking the lead’

As Kate walks alongside her husband, her long hair blows behind her shoulders as they make their way through the car park. And body language expert Judi James told The Mirror she appeared fully prepared to be seen and was actually walking in a way to “attract attention”.

She said: “Her hair streams behind her, and her walk itself, thankfully and reassuringly, shows no signs of anything but energy and good health.”

“While William does seem to be yearning for privacy here, with his cap brim pulled over his face and his head down, Kate walks in a way to attract attention, stepping ahead of her husband and wearing a wide, beaming smile as she walks. This is no frail ‘first steps outside’ kind of body language, Kate looks happy and confident here and keen to take the lead and to be noticed.”

Shop’s sweet link to late Prince Philip

The shop Kate and William were spotted it was actually the dreamchild of Prince Philip. Back in 2001 he suggested selling items from the Royal Estates alongside local businesses.

The idea was to raise money for smaller local supplies and promote their brilliant produce. It opened in November of that year and is now a hit with locals and tourists – as well as members of the Royal Family

Kate’s ‘relief’

Another onlooker who saw Kate told The Sun how happy and relaxed the royal couple looked. He also said Kate looked “relieved” and suggested she gave the impression that “it was a success” being able to go out to the shop.

And royal expert and biographer Ingrid Seward agreed saying it “bodes well” for the hope that Kate and her children accompanied by Prince William might appear on Easter Sunday at royals’ annual church service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Ingrid said: “Last year they walked down the hill from the Castle with other members of the royal family for the annual Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. This year it will all depend on how the Princess is feeling. It would be a good way for her to re-enter the public arena.”

Christmas decorations

For weeks now, cruel online rumours about Kate and her health have been circulating on social media. And now this video has emerged, conspiracy theorists online have claimed the footage was “fake” and “staged” – with some saying the video was taken months ago, because it featured festive-looking grottos.

However, photos from today of the Windsor farm shop where Kate was spotted show the Christmas decorations are still up – putting to bed another conspiracy theory. The wooden huts were still there as were the lights around them.

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