Kate Middleton’s incredible gesture to honour Irish Guards on St Patrick’s Day after missing parade

By Staff

The regiment took advantage of the subsidised club prices and the and soldiers reportedly ‘enjoyed at least 700 pints of the black stuff’ courtesy of her generous gesture because of her absence

Princess Kate made an incredible gesture to honour Irish Guards on St Patrick’s Day after missing their parade, it was reported..

She was unable to raise a toast on St Patrick’s Day in her capacity as colonel of the Irish Guards. But she ensured regiments were properly refreshed on St Patrick’s Day and paid for them to enjoy a few pints of Guinness after their efforts. Soldiers were smiling after the Princess of Wales put £2,000 to pay for drinks behind the regiment’s bar in Aldershot after the parade and marked the traditions on the day, it was reported.

The regiment was said to have taken advantage of the subsidised club prices and soldiers “enjoyed at least 700 pints of the black stuff”, Ephraim Hardcastle writes for the Mail. Kate also reportedly ensured regimental mascot Seamus, the Irish wolfhound was not left out and paid for a jumbo bone for the animal.

The Mirror reported yesterday how Scotland Yard could be called in to investigate an alleged breach of the Princess of Wales’s private medical data. The world-renowned London Clinic in Marylebone where the Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery in January, launched an investigation amid allegations staff attempted to access her private medical records.

Sources then said that “up to three people” could be involved in the alleged accessing of Kate’s medical records. In a further bombshell, it can be revealed that the alleged breach took place after the future queen was discharged from hospital on January 29, as social media exploded with outlandish and hurtful conspiracy theories relating to her surgery.

Sources said the criminal investigation, described as “unprecedented” and now being run by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), could run alongside an additional probe by the Metropolitan Police. Accessing someone’s medical records without cause or consent can be a criminal offence. If the ICO investigates and finds evidence that medical records were accessed illegally, it can take action, including prosecuting and fining the person responsible in court.

The development came amid a new statement from the boss of the London Clinic, who said: “There is no place at our hospital for those who intentionally breach the trust of any of our patients or colleagues.”

A source said: “This is such a unique case that a police investigation could run alongside one by the Information Commissioner’s Office. The IOC will deal with anything as a criminal matter which could end up in a Magistrate’s Court, but if there were further claims of wrongdoing such as a conspiracy to distribute illegally accessed information, then that could be a matter for the police.”

Scotland Yard has also been urged to launch an immediate investigation, alongside the IOC probe, over fears of a potential royal blackmail plot.

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