Kate Middleton’s intriguing day on a plate – from breakfast hack to treat meal

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Royal Kate Middleton is known for being sporty and the talented princess is a good cook, too. From a healthy breakfast to a hearty dinner, we take a peek at her daily diet

The Princess of Wales is famed for her willowy figure, and here’s how she does it.

Currently recovering from abdominal surgery, Kate, 42, was spotted looking happy and healthy at Windsor Farm Shop near her home on the royal estate last weekend. And when well, the sport-loving mother-of-three is said to be a big fan of everything from running and weight lifting to cycling to rowing, yoga and HIIT.

Both she and sister Pippa Middleton are keen runners, and when it comes to her diet, she has an adventurous palate. While most ’90s kids grew up craving Billy Bear ham, Kate chowed down on olives. She is also a talented cook who loves making her children birthday cakes. “It’s become a bit of a tradition that I stay up ’til midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing and I make far too much,” she said. “But I love it.”

When it comes to the royal’s daily diet, Kate mainly opts for healthy choices but loves the odd treat too. Here’s a rundown of her day on a plate…


In a bid to get a good dose of nutrients, Kate is thought to enjoy a green juice to start the day. Her preferred breakfast smoothie is rumoured to consist of kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine, coriander leaves and blueberries, a powerful combination of ingredients to make her skin glow.

The mum-of-three is also said to be partial to a bowl of oatmeal first thing, which is packed with protein and fibre.


The princess’s preferred lunch is reportedly meat-free, although she is not vegetarian. Fresh and healthy dishes enjoyed by the royal are said to include watermelon salads, tabbouleh, ceviche, and gazpacho.

Chef Raghu Deora, who created dishes for Kate and William during their tour of India, made the couple vegetable kebabs and lentil curry. “It is all vegetarian because I was told that was what they preferred,” he said. The royals are also partial to Japanese food. “My wife and I love sushi,” William told Japanese chef Akira of Japan House London.


Kate likes spice when it comes to her evening meals, tolerating more heat in her curries than her husband. The royal told Pakistan’s Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini she toned down the spices in her children’s curries although: “Charlotte is pretty good with heat”.

Roast dinners are a popular choice, with William loving a roast chicken meal. The family enjoy Italian dishes too, with Kate telling staff at Lavender Primary School in Middlesex she enjoyed making homemade cheesy pasta with her children. George, Charlotte and Louis particularly enjoy pizza too. “I’ve done that with George and Charlotte – making pizza dough,” said the royal. “They love it because they can get their hands messy.”

Accompaniments may well come from the family’s own garden. “We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite,” said Kate of her vegetable patch. “Louis absolutely loves beetroot.”

And when it comes to afters, one of Kate’s favourite treat meals is said to be a British classic. “For dessert, her favourite is sticky toffee pudding,” revealed Chef Rody Warot at the Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire. “It’s moist and spongy.”


Healthy Kate is thought to prefer fruit, such as goji berries and papaya, if she gets peckish. She told a young patient at Great Ormond Street in 2018: “I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well.”

The princess enjoys a treat too – back in 2014 she was spotted sharing a bucket of popcorn with her husband on a royal tour of Canada.

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